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  1. pepeYjuana says:

    Those wrist cuffs are such a good idea. I’munna get me some. And I’munna borrow some matcha from where I work.

  2. thechocolateaddict says:

    Jolene, I think you’re such a little doll ! yes, drink up the green tea, high in antioxidents…… keeps you young and beautiful 😉

  3. freeloaner85 says:

    Baking Power? Lol

  4. all4tubekids says:

    great video! LOL 🙂

  5. BrigidMhairi says:

    Hello Jolene, I found you because of my granny TubeGranny. I think you are great. LOVE your eyeshadow. NOT so sure about the greeness of the cookies though… lolz xoxBrigid

  6. oliviathai says:

    i’m… fascinated.

  7. BigBro1043 says:

    greetings from Malaysia.
    i love your videos, i even wrote down ur recipe and gave it my mom..

  8. bluelblock says:

    I see you’re using a cookie gun, but I have such a hard time with mine so I gave it away. I would like to try this with cookie cutters, though. It sounds delicious.

  9. Hi Jolene! I love this video sooooo much!!!! Even though i got so poor english, but i can hear you speak so clear to my ear. Love you Jolene.

  10. macaronipop says:

    Great video Jolene – and well, I have to admit, the cookies are great!

  11. SilentStickFigureThr says:

    Those cookies look GREAT! Love your show!

  12. SanasSweetMode says:

    Could you use real green tea?

  13. Shimmycocopufss says:

    wow she loves me i have somebody who loves me =] lol

  14. barbara5956 says:

    Hi there love the cookies they looked tasty i wanted to tell ya whole almonds help your cholestorol/Heart so adding the nuts was a good idea. Have you ever made a scone before it like a bagel/cake. Talk to you soon girl keep up the good work and stay in good shape for all of us.

  15. JoleneSugarbaker says:

    Of course I love you!
    Jolene Sugarbaker
    The Trailer Park Queen

  16. pepeYjuana says:

    I know you like to have lots of decor on the walls in your kitchen. I’m thinking you probably have some items in your silverware drawer you can hang on the walls so you can free up space and open it without it getting stuck.

  17. You’re awesome !! I enjoy your shows…

  18. freakishweirdo says:

    wow i love green tea and cookies… ITS PERFECT!! i have never ever seen a cookie gun before.. i gess there not to populer in england but they look so awsome!!

  19. pattifudge says:

    You are awesome! It’s Saturday morning and I should be cleaning my house…but I can’t stop watching your videos! I might be getting addicted to the “Trailer Park” lifestyle!

  20. Phoenixspade2030 says:

    You are so Cool! thank you for the recipie!

  21. Im glad you can enjoy the cola again Jolene! love your show!

  22. AmberEmancipated says:

    lol this is ridiculous

  23. whitneysomething says:

    dont make this! its disgrossting! trust me. i know.

  24. bubbles02010 says:

    this is nice, but you should just have some green tea straight up everyday.
    those look good! mm, there’s also green tea ice cream, cake, chocolate yum!