How many of you know that besides the cholesterol that causes many medical conditions there is also a “good ” cholesterol. In your body there are two types of cholesterol: HDL, which is the good cholesterol and LDL, the bad cholesterol. For many years now, having a high level of HDL was thought to be very beneficial to your health. This high level of cholesterol was thought to give you some kind of protection against heart conditions. However, lately there have been some attention to lowering all cholesterol levels, not only the LDL cholesterol level, known as the bad cholesterol.

In spite of their intial believes that said that HDL cholesterol levels which are high can protect you from heart problems, recent studies have shown that this cholesterol level is actually a risk of heart disease. But this risk is only if you have a low HDL cholesterol level. So the advice that you were given, to lower both cholesterol levels was wrong. This was discovery that shook a little all the knowledge about cholesterol that people had. Furthermore, it was also discovered that even if the LDL cholesterol level was in normal limits, people that had the good cholesterol levels a little lower were very much at risk of developing an artery problem. A normal HDL cholesterol level is when you have minimum 35 mg/ Dl. There was also another cholesterol question that has found it’ s answer. Why is the HDL cholesterol “good ” ? Well, it seems in fact that not the actual cholesterol is beneficial, but the work that it does. This cholesterol, HDL cholesterol is actually a very complex molecule. This type of

cholesterol is the combination of lipids, protein and cholesterol. What this cholesterol molecule does is to clean out the walls of your

blood vessels. The HDL cholesterol actually takes out the cholesterol excess that is found in your blood. Yes, this means that actually the “god ” cholesterol cleans out the “bad ” cholesterol that is found in your blood. This LDL cholesterol is then taken back to your liver for more processing. This is the reason why, one cholesterol must be risen: to help the other cholestrol level to lower and thus protecting you from heart conditions.

The most common thing that one can to rise their HDL cholesterol levels is exercise. Jogging, riding a bike, even walking can rise your “good ” cholesterol levels.

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