You say you don’t know what glyconutrients are? You are not alone. Glyconutrients are healthy, unprocessed, natural sugars that can be found in plants. These safe and healthy sugars are technically known as complex carbohydrates , and have extremely vital functions in the body that have only been recently discovered.

The fact is, glyconutrients are eight essential sugars that are not always readily available in our food chain. Most of our diets only contain two of these sugars today, although the body can manufacture six of the other sugars, stress and other factors has slowed down or halted the process.

Glyconutrients are special carbohydrates (monosaccharides) that provide the building blocks that enable the cells in your body to communicate effectively. These form the “name tags” of the cells so that the cells can recognize which cells are good and bad, and which cells are lacking in certain nutrients.

Glyconutrients are naturally found in fruits and vegetables, but only when they are ripened on the vine. Green harvesting never allows glyconutrients to get into the food we eat. Glyconutrients are the next generation of wellness supplementation. We have just started to understand the many benefits of them.

Glyconutrients are specific sugars found in nature that serve vital functional and structural roles in the human body. The more science learns about these sugars, the more we understand just how important they are to our health. Glyconutrients are a group of sugars extracted from plants and thought to be essential for the body by helping cell-to-cell communication.

These products have been marketed to cancer patients under the brand name Ambrotose through networking marketing approach. Glyconutrients are not vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes, but are in a class of their own as nutritional supplements derived from plants. Glyconutritional supplements are formulated based on new understandings in the biochemistry of how the human body maintains health at the cellular level. As mentioned before, glyconutrients are not prescription drugs. They are naturally occurring sugars and found in certain plants.

Collectively glyconutrients are like the letters of the alphabet. They form together to create the words the cells use to express the instructions of your DNA.

Glyconutrients are monosaccharides or simple carbohydrates. They are entirely different from other carbohydrates, though, because they are not burned by your body or used for energy.

In fact, the glyconutrients are not the primary immunomodulators – they cause the DNA and the cells themselves to immunomodulate. The sources for glyconutrients are on product labeling. As you will see, these plants and plant components are not part of our regular American diet. Glyconutrients are broken down into EIGHT simple sugars. These simple sugars are found in our diets.

To ensure all glyconutrients are received in adequate amounts, supplements are best. Glyconutrients are part of an even broader category known as Nutraceuticals. This term combines the words nutrition and pharmaceuticals but they are a food-based substance which have a pharmacological effect on the human body.

With no side effect risk and being all natural, glyconutrients are considered safe. Suddenly, through the magic of marketing, glyconutrients are the next big thing.

When applied through nutrition, glyconutrients are a necessary component of natural, normal cellular function.

In other words, every cell needs these nutrients to support proper function. The vital glyconutrients are what is missing to enable its cells to communicate properly.

Also since the brain controls the entire body, if it has limited communication then other things start to go wrong. Glyconutrients are literally sugar pills. And that ads fuel to the critics’ argument.

Glyconutrients are considered to be cell signal enhancers. The most important glyconutrients are absolutely essential for effective immune system function and overall cellular communication. What defines a healthy immune system is when its cells can communicate with each other effectively to identify and eliminate non-self (anything that does not belong in the body as “self”) and to lower inappropriate inflammation. However, science has recently proven that the specific biological sugars known as glyconutrients are not burned in this way, and instead become building blocks known as glycoproteins and glycolypids. Basically, this means that these eight sugars actually become part of our own bodies.

Advanced glyconutrients – healthy sugars corrupted or malformed glyconutrients are known to be characteristic of many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, and all auto-immune diseases. Perhaps you have heard Glyconutrients are the only substance known to man that can be added to the body and produce stem cells.

In 2003, John Hopkins produced a study that showed within weeks of taking glyconutrients, patients produced trillions of stem cells.

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