1. im not really a smoothie kind of guy… I look at the people who drink their “Green” smoothies and say, well, if it tastes bad, im just gonna pass… (plus I just dont think its necessary) whats your take on it? also, maybe you could do a video about hydration? (I live in FL and sorta worry about staying hydrated during work)

  2. RealRawMatt says:

    Hey fr3d, I uploaded my response via video (I hate typing). Please enjoy.

  3. pheynixll says:

    had no idea about glycemic loading, so thanks. so how much protein, fat and carbs do u think we should get? and whats your take on fatty acids considering you survive on honey?

  4. AMARANTH500 says:

    awesome videos!! thanks Matt!!

  5. RealRawMatt says:

    Thanks, Amaranth. (Nice name by the way!) Glad you enjoyed.

    Take care!

  6. nadubarbu says:

    You din’t mention agave nectar, is it worse than the ones you mentioned?

    Thanks for the videos!
    I love being vegan

  7. Very educating, informative video!
    But what’s with the body art?
    It can turn down some!

  8. nadubarbu, Agave Nectar is just another Syrup… it is probably not raw like they say, and it is high gi, and expensive. Steer away from it. Eat raw, unheated honey instead, cheap and the best.

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