When it comes to self defense, one might think that these courses should be the same matter whether they’re being taught to a woman or man. In fact, these courses need to be different because there are different situations that women might face which men most likely will not.

Because men are generally more muscular and stronger than women, the situation that a female must train for when it comes to self defense can be quite different than what a man may experience in his lifetime. Girl self defense courses help females of all ages prepare for defending their safety.

Although the principles and concepts of self-defense might be identical between men and women, there are some crucial modifications that need to be made when it comes to girl self defense classes. One major change that needs to happen in the world of self defense is that more girls need to be given the opportunity to take classes. If you look in many on-site classes throughout the United States and around the world, you will often see many more boys than girls. In reality, females need to know self defense almost more than males do because of their inequality when it comes to size and muscle strength in most cases.

Another factor to consider is that most boys grow up wrestling and fighting with each other. It’s just a part of the growth experience of a male child. However, most women will tell you that they weren’t into wrestling and fighting when they were in their younger years. Girls are often taught to “act like a lady”, so they don’t learn fighting skills as a normal process of growing up. Therefore, when a woman is attacked by a man she is naturally at a disadvantage simply because she has not had the practice of fighting and wrestling that many boys have.

A woman may even be attacked by a man who was smaller in height than she is, but he can still be physically stronger. The strength ratio between that of a man’s body and a woman’s physique is about 7 to 3. So, even if a woman had the same height, build and weight as a man, he would most likely be about two and half times stronger than she is. This is yet another reason why girl self defense classes are so important.

Girls self defense classes allow females to not only become physically stronger, but also more adept at protecting themselves and even those around them. It will also give a woman a much stronger mental and emotional state to know that she is able to take care of herself in the event that anyone, male or female, attacks her or her loved ones.

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