1. loonmaniac says:

    You suck big dicks.

  2. Bro0ks1902 says:


    I am not your father.

  3. FearOfTheFlesh says:


    You obviously can’t take a joke…Gibbs jokes around all the time…classic case and point : he made fun of the President’s teleprompter, he made fun of Palin’s writing on her hand, he made fun of McCain, he made fun of the Vice President and so on.

    He is just a representative to the media, and at least he has some ability to joke around while still getting the important points they want him to say out there.

    So chill, and learn to take a joke, it will reduce your stress.

  4. revizcaino says:

    this Gibbs guy is a joke….Man, I just wish the president would have chosen better people for his cabinet. Too many cabinet members have either gone under fire or even resigned already.
    Come on Obama, live to that “change” already that you promised so much!

  5. CelticConservative says:

    Lets have a joke in this nice little preplanned PR moment… Her her her the president is unhealthy her her, I guess he’s just like us he’s not so bad her her her. Anyone who is swayed by stupid publicity moves is a moron.

  6. dirkbaseball says:

    @revizcaino he is living up to his “change”. by change he meant putting the country farther into debt and pushing through a health care plan that is unpopular to this country

  7. CelticConservative says:

    “It’s a real issue” lol wtf? Who cares what the president eats? Why is this being asked by reporters? HELLO ANY “F”ING REAL QUESTIONS?

  8. TheBrianWilde says:

    I’m white and that sounds pretty damned good to me.

  9. keyfoodstore says:

    what’s worse?

    A) Our tax dollar’s being wasted on stupid questions?


    B) Our tax dollars being wasted on an Administration that prints money (which carries debt + INTEREST) to pay back JUST principal on debt

    Answer: I’ll take a stupid question any day.

  10. If Obama wants to lower his cholesterol, then he should cut down on eating babies.

  11. You asshole. I made an Obama baby-eating joke too… Now everyone is going to think that I copied you.

  12. I did. Nothing but pictures of dudes butt-fucking goats… What kind of sick pervo are you???

  13. christmas254 says:


  14. pwnage0013 says:

    If you voted for Obama, you are the dumbest person alive.

  15. revizcaino says:

    that’s right….Thanks god I was one of the people that noticed who this guy was and voted McCain. This debt and health care plan will be suicide for the Dems and hopefully Americans will notice the difference and vote with logic instead of infatuation next time.

  16. newBelGum says:

    Do as Obama says, not as he does. Now bow down before the one you serve you’re going to get what you deserve

  17. Perryshotter says:

    What!?! I don’t know what you saw. But that is not suppose to happen, so your either lying or you typed it wrong.

  18. n1njasause says:


    You are aware the debt is predicated on Bush’s taxcuts and the recession right? And health care plan is projected to cut the deficit?

    so much for logic then.

  19. Uberlasting says:

    Barack is the poster boy for liberal hypocrisy – a smoker who wants to control healthcare…with a wife who is a good 30 pounds overweight trying to tell children how to be skinny. They’re two complete idiots. We can hope they both get lung cancer. Then his time in politics won’t be a complete waste. He’ll leave behind a good anti-smoking message.

  20. revizcaino says:

    and you are aware that Obama has spent more money than any president ever in his first year in office…even surpassed Bush??? And you his healthcare plan is projected to cut the defecit?? HAHAHA…how’s EVERY SINGLE OTHER GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM???? LET ME SPELL IT: B A N K R U P T. and you still believe in the government??? This is why our founding fathers always fought against government intervention and more freedom!

  21. n1njasause says:

    1)Yes, the health care plan is projected to cut the deficit according to the CBO.

    2)Yes, he is spending money to stimulate the economy, BECAUSE OF THE RECESSION.

    It’s seem you cool-aid drinkers like to criticize Obama for spending money, while ignoring the reason why he is doing it: the recession. The recession, the recession, the recession.

    Blame the guy who caused it.

    Also, learn history: the founding founders “founded” a government. You’re stupid generalizations are meaningless.

  22. TrippyhiPpychick728 says:

    lol totally i know! i always stop right before he finishes, more fun that way!

  23. SquallCloud says:

    @Yereviltwin2 The WH has the same staff the 42 other guys had but then those were white guys so maybe you’re not stupid, just racist & u don’t believe that a black Prest deserves the same staff. Who knows? Either way you propose firing someone during a time of record unemployment b/c u have a personal mad-on about ur Pres. Final verdict: Stupid definitely. Racist possibly. Squall and Cloud are makebelieve cartoons but they’re both better ppl than you’ll ever hope to be.

  24. Yereviltwin2 says:


    What the fuck does race have to do with anything? I’m arguing the principal of the matter. Use you small pea brain to come up with some real substance instead of your irrational liberal mentality. Go falsely pull the race card on somebody else. Now why don’t you run along and go make some shitty homoerotic fan art of Squall and Cloud and keep politics for the adults to argue.

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