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  1. Fat dudes get all the hot women. EVERYBODY knows that.

    Except the hot women.

  2. J’ai ete dans les foules en France. Je sais qu’ dégueu signifie. 😀

  3. whisperingaprayer says:

    Winterhaven, shut the fuck up. Only idiots eat fast food all the time. There’s nothing wrong with indulging from time to time. I bet you’re a vegan faggot. Guess what? I love eating ground beef, eggs, steak, chicken…mmmm. Animals are tasty.

  4. WinterHaven says:

    Guess what prick? You are a tasty animal too-go ahead and put your hands in raw meat-it has been proven to have MRSA and VRE-antibiotic resistant flesh eating bacteria. You may already have MRSA-hope you get a scab soon and it never heals-the eaters of meat become the eaten. HA! it’s all true. Enjoy your heart attack and MRSA infections you asswipe. Fuck you!

  5. WinterHaven says:

    I’m sure road kill makes you droll too you sick fuck.

  6. whisperingaprayer says:

    Say that to 50,000 years of evolution. =)
    So you’re saying every carnivore on the face of this earth is going to die due to some obscure ass disease you just pulled out of your ass. It makes me truly joyful to see your despair at my love of meat. Have a nice day.

  7. XrandomnessX says:

    Vegan’s are militant bitches who need to keep their mouths shut and let people live they way they want to.

  8. Spense626 says:

    Degrading to nurses? is this bitch serious

  9. PHOENIXJ2111 says:

    Hey is this place still open and if it is what is the telephone #…..

  10. “topless Taco Bell” Amen to that !! LOL

  11. It still is open. Google/bing it . You will get the number

  12. chathamsnob1 says:

    yeah aint it great!

  13. chathamsnob1 says:

    hey genius, the word is drool!

  14. Tennfold1974 says:

    Sandy Summers is a cunt

  15. dirtysalty says:

    amen Tennfold1974!!! i eat there every time i go to phx.

  16. chase6470 says:

    The only thing that nursing advocate did was bring MORE attention to the place…stupid.

  17. itsmyh0bby says:

    You sir have clearly outwitted the retard who thinks that we can’t handle the MEAT lol.

  18. WarrenAch says:

    That little slut bitching about nurses should go get raped by a taliban,seriously…lol

  19. theinsultingbastard says:

    The guy who came up with this idea is absolutely brillant!

  20. nobody really gives two shits about if those waitressses call themselves nurses, just ugly women who are sad cause they dont get any attention, seriously no other nurse would care…but i really do wanna go to that restaurant lmao

  21. xskywarpzero says:

    Topless Taco Bell FTW!!!

  22. LilyParis21 says:

    haha I think its fine lol its like a Hooters lol

  23. Voltaire805 says:

    honestly, I don’t want to have a group hot girls anywhere near me when I’m stuffing a nasty plate of fried food in my face

  24. MiraMorningstar says:

    I’m going to give up being a vegetarian for one day so I can go there and eat one of their meals just to be able to say I did so. ;]

  25. krafdinner says:

    I love how Marijuana remains illegal, yet something that can actually cause harm to your health like this isn’t.