Genome Scans Pay Off

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  1. angelylotus says:

    Nice video and very informative. It may not be truth that because you BMI is in the normal range you have two good copies of the same allele. We have to take into consideration your lifestyle because it affect if the genes are going to be activated or not.

  2. louis12346 says:

    Several prominent families are responsible for funding and promoting eugenics in America, namely the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harriman, and Osborn families. Two families, the Rockefellers and the Osborns, are particularly significant. John D. Rockefeller Sr. contributed a large amount of money to build the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the early 1900’s, which housed the Eugenics Records

  3. nosc says:

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  4. danniellabocquet says:

    I dont know if you will be able to help me but I really need to know more about the FTO gene for a case study would anyone be able to recomend any website or a places with have some information as to how it works and any graphs or evidence to back it up thanks x

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