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  1. balinderk2000 says:

    I have 1155 socket intel i7 processor and I want the best motherboard for gaming!

  2. im thinking of building a computer and my motherboard will be socket 1155 as i am going to get an intel i5 3550 sandy bridge. how many years will it be until this motherboard socket becomes outdated and a new socket is released do you think?
    yeah its for gaming.

  3. ThatzHotxoxo says:

    congrats on 96 lbs you look fabulous!

  4. MissJanieHere says:

    congratulations!!! you look great!

  5. You look good and you are handsome. Congrats on 96 lbs in 5 months WOW! I am 3 months out and at 56 lbs.