Gabriele Stähler on Vitamin D3, with Bill Ryan : a Project Camelot interview

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  1. Le Pwner says:

    I have seen providers bill Medicare A9270 so they guarantee that Medicare will deny, so they will get more money by having member’s secondary commercial insurance pay as primary. Is this legal?

  2. Alex says:

    If 10% of an electricity bill is deducted, Rs 45 is still to be paid. How much was the bill?

  3. Picean says:

    We just moved out and our landlord is trying to stick us with utilities that are four years old. The agreement says that the landlord will read the gas meter and then give us the bill each month for our unit (meter feeds two units) the first bill was for two months and then they didn’t send us a bill for 5 months. In her bill she said that she “promised” they would never be this late again. The last time they actually sent us a bill was Feb 2006. Anyone have any thoughts?

  4. illdozytwi says:

    great article on health and medical ailments

  5. Ulmdorgr says:

    It can also cause constipation if you don’t have it. Gotta be right in the middle.

  6. tpcass says:

    I was taking 2000 IU’s daily for about a week and then stopped because of constipation. Later I resumed as did my son [ I didn’t say anything to him about the constipation so as not to bias him]
    Within a week of resuming 2000 IU’s daily we both were constipated. So what would you suggest? Maybe 2000 IU’s EOD?

  7. Ulmdorgr says:

    Perhaps you get a lot of sun. The one thing we (youtubers/people in general) aren’t comparing is how IU’s translate into blood concentrations of Calcitriol and Calcifediol, the real active ingredients.

  8. BlueStarSirius says:

    where in Germany do you get such high doses of Vitamin D3?

  9. vulevulard says:

    consipation?… I’am taking 6000IU’s a day for over a month now and I feel great, my bowel movments hasn’t change since i started taking a high IU of Vit. D3

  10. rabik102 says:

    Hi everyone again. I just got my blood results and my vit d3 has risen a lot luckily… in the begining of November it was only 51 and since than I have been taking 6000 and than 8000 iu a day and now it is 119. I do feel great and what is more important I dont get ill at all same as my husband. We didnt notice any constipation problems either. By the way we are taking drops as they are the most veggi friendly and delicate for the stomach.

  11. johnbambammorgan says:

    Are you taking D or D3?

  12. thepowerofozone says:

    great interview. totally enlightening. thanks so much for posting. makes me think about going back to germany and become a heilpraktiker.

  13. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    Dr. Liu … “THC can kill Cancer Cells”
    Dr. Melamede … “Cannabinoids kill Cancer Cells”
    Dr. Di Marzo … “THC exhibits anti – tumor effects on various Cancer Cell types”
    Dr. Guzman … “THC can promote the autophagic death of human & mouse Cancer Cells”
    Dr. Mechoulam … “we gave THC oil drops 400 times to children 1 -13 years old with Cancer & prevented vomiting & nausea 100%”

  14. zurx93 says:

    GREAT information. I’m taking this every day now and I’m not having any problems. An a different note, horrible pet peeve of mine… the mouth sounds this woman emits drive me crazy. Very hard to listen to.

  15. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    “High concentrations of Cannabinoids (Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure Hemp Oil) activate apoptosis (cell death) in human U373MG glioma cells.”
    PMID: 18615640

    “Di Marzo’s group found that Cannabinoids inhibit (restrict) breast Cancer cell proliferation (spread), and Guzman’s group found that Cannabinoids inhibit the growth of C6 glioma cell.”
    PMID: 16250836

  16. ThomasDeanNordlum says:

    okay, i am confused. why do you need to take D3 specifically if the body takes the Vitamin D and creates D3 in the liver and kidneys? I live in Montréal and the sun is no good from nov to feb, so I eat a spoon of cod liver in the morning along with its oil – they sell canned icelandic cod liver in its own oil here and I know that historically in scandinavia that was a source when the sun was scarce. So can’t you just take cod liver or vitamin D? Why must it be D3? Doesn’t the body make it?

  17. TimewarpLabs says:

    today i took 40.000 International Units of Vitamin D3 for breakfast…

    interesting effect

    but i don’t do that everyday 🙂

  18. skelcher says:

    the two words you spoke sent chills down my back… I hope the world understands what you mean. I do.

  19. rabik102 says:

    I believe it does 🙂 there is no other way…
    take care skelcher

  20. StopTheHate09 says:

    From what i understand. She said almost every cell in your body uses D3, So by taking the d3 your body doesn’t have to take the Vitamin D and transform it in to VD3 there for its a direct effect instead of your body having to create it. This is why people get sick in the winter, because the sun is scarce. So by taking D3 it will prevent you from getting sick and help you bodys immune system fight off any viruses. so its a direct shot of D3 instead of your body having to make it from vitamin D.

  21. StopTheHate09 says:

    I take Vitamin D3 every morning and i am a great advocate of it. The Vitamin d3 i take is Much stronger then the other d3 people buy. it is 5000 iu in each soft gel. If you haven’t heard of Dr.Bill Deagle then you should research him, and his line if Nutrisutials. Its a Super Dose of vitamin D and its quite amazing. I also take His Green tea supreme which is Pure water extracted green tea. ( each pill has 8 cups of green tea in it) I take both Every morning and evening.


  22. andysfitness says:

    can anyone tell me what company she uses to buy her vitamin d3.. thank you

  23. Alanik22 says:

    This D3 then is not vegan… right? Am I misunderstanding this??

  24. candiceevans1 says:

    DO A SEARCH ON VITAMIN D3MAX 5000 UI per pill and its fairly cheap

  25. andysfitness says:

    thank you x

  26. RayneMarina says:

    vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol
    vitamin D2 Ergocalciferol
    i’m taking both, though D2 is not advised for those with liver problems
    and don’t overdose on D, just take it everyday

  27. DianeDi says:

    @Alanik22 I am vegan and I use “GENESTRA Brand” D-Mulsion 1000 vitamin D3 – 1,000 IU. It is recommended for vegetarians, although it states no dairy, wheat, corn, yeast, added sugar, color or flavor.

  28. DianeDi says:

    @andysfitness I use “GENESTRA Brand” D-Mulsion 1000 vitamin D3 – 1,000 IU. It is recommended for vegetarians, although it states no dairy, wheat, corn, yeast, added sugar, color or flavor.

  29. Alanik22 says:

    Thanks DianeDi! 😉

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