1. Hello

    I have been diabetic for some time and I followed a wide variety of treatments, I have even combined with different medicinal plants without clear results. My health was deteriorating more and more. But thanks to a method that I found on the internet to achieve the results i wanted,i knew from the beginning that this could help me, and I began to follow the method from Health Herbal Clinic and the results were wonderful.

  2. thegodsend says:

    I agreed with 75% of what he saying. Although veganism can help with the cure of diabetes, I am not against that, I do disagree in cutting out meat, fully. Yes junk food is not good for you and you shuold stay away from it fully, but meat is not the enemy. Meat is ordained proper to eat in the bible: Levitcus chapter 11. People in the bible ate meat and lived for hundreds of years. True, most of meat is very processed and that’s what causes our diseases. We just have to be careful. Shalom!

  3. khalilahinjapan says:

    But the way meat is killed now brings a lot of bad energy with it. We think that just because its meat that we havent taken a life to substain our bodies. There has to be some sort of karma involved. How many animals will have to die for us to substain our bodies well past 100? In the west there is a strong concept of the earth serving men but where I am from its more of the men serving the earth and having regard for all living things. Men dont need meat to live, we can survive on plants.

  4. DigigirlAshley says:

    I agree with what Gabriel Cousens said, as our diet makes a huge difference to how our bodies function. I myself have found that not eating meat/fish or dairy products personally has made a huge difference, I actually feel healthy, and don’t get that “tired” feeling after eating. I know exactly what is going into my body, and no animals suffered or died as a result. We definitely need to re-frame how our culture views animals.

  5. fishermgcj says:

    As an RN I am constantly appalled by what people put into their bodies and the shape those bodies stretch themselves into because of it. But diabetes treatment is an extremely profitable business. Information of this kind has always gotten shoved into a dark closet and the majority of people will never hear it. And worse yet, the most of the ones who hear will be unwilling to give up their S.A.D. I’ve got 3 friends who are diabetic who will get this in an email. Sure hope they listen!

  6. antiann52 says:

    It sounds incredible. This guy is amazing. I want to know more about. I”m shocked I’m numb. But inspired, thanks for the add.

  7. thajadewolf says:

    agreed…but s.a.d.??

  8. fishermgcj says:

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry I wasn’t clear! S.A.D. = Standard American Diet! Or sadly better known as the glop that most Americans fill ourselves with on a daily basis. It’s responsible for the explosion of diabetes, morbid obesity, and myriad GI disorders among many other conditions. Go raw–it’s the very best!

  9. fishermgcj says:

    If we eat a high plant-based raw diet, a small amount of meat is fine and healthy. Meat is causing us much less harm than trans fats that are found in most processed foods. I agree that meat is part of the diet laid out in the Bible. I just don’t think we were ever meant to eat 20oz. steaks.

  10. Classicguy66 says:

    The American Diabeties Association should follow the diet of Dr Cousens.

  11. thegodsend

    god gave you animals to have dominion over, to love and care for, not to kill in the billions.

    go vegan!

    stop eating death

  12. reconnection to our spirit, the one spirit that burns within us all, the spark of divine life, love and bliss is the cure for all ills that assail us ! anything that cultures this is the culture of life, be it food, prayer, exercise, attitude, idea, relationship or lifestyle….this is the true meaning of culture in it’s highest sense. Blow that trumpet like Gabriel….xxxxx

  13. mongatoid says:

    Diabetics don’t produce insulin. How will changing your diet make the pancreas work again? I’ve been diabetic for 30 years and heard of numerous ‘cures’ yet I still inject insulin 4 times day..I’m living life to the full, but not cured.

  14. Chromium and magnesium are needed for the pancreas to produce insulin. A deficiency will cause diabetes.

  15. AbleGoodman says:

    Mongatoid’s post is NOT helpful cuz it fails to distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2. It’s Type 1 who don’t produce insulin. Type 2 can’t assimilate insulin normally, but DO produce SOME insulin. I’m a Type 2. I’ve only tried “green smoothies” for lunch for 3 days, and I’ve had to cut my insulin dose IN HALF, and I’ve only just begun my online research. I could be wrong, but “Mongatoid” sounds suspiciously like a Big Pharma schill to me. Do NOT be naive, people, do YOUR OWN thinking & research!

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