Fruit Juice! A Recipe for Weight Gain!

26 Responses to Fruit Juice! A Recipe for Weight Gain!

  1. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    I’m 16 years old, 5’5 and 145 pounds. I used to be 130 pounds but I gained weight. I want to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks. And I’m really trying and pushing hard. I’m trying to drink plenty of water and I even try to eat 6 times a day but small meals. Someone told me that it was a good way and it worked for them. Please help!

  2. cmcil says:

    I read the book Squeezed by Alissa Hamilton and have only juiced my juice after that. A great juice recipe I use is: 1 stalk of celery, 1/2 cucumber peeled, handful of parsley, handful of spinach, inch of ginger, 1/2 ripe pear, 1/2 papaya (seeds removed), 1/2 Gala apple, half handful of wheat grass. I juice this right before teaching a spin class and it is amazing for energy. Don’t drink this too close to bed time

  3. mooseythejuiceman says:

    Whole foods BAYBAYYYY!

  4. Blacksun1942 says:

    Fruit juice is nothing but empty calories and SUGAR. …and people are utterly delusional if they think that buying those cans of frozen juice at the super market is OK as long as they say “100% juice” on the label. It doesn’t even come remotely close to FRESH, RAW FRUIT.

    I add a little orange or lemon to my green tea, but I *NEVER* drink juice beyond that. Juice is basically candy for adults.

  5. jayandallie5 says:

    Hey, I don’t give my children juice. I don’t think it’s healthy. Every once in a while grandma or aunty will slip it to them when I am not around. Let’s just say the sugar hits the blood stream and the family wonders why they are climbing the walls. The results in my children aren’t better then pop(which they aren’t given) in my observation.

  6. ipalm21 says:

    want to make fruit juice healthy?

    make it yourself… add olive oil…

    fresh fruit juice + EVOO = steady blood sugar without a drastic spike and a very tiny insulin response!

    fruits are some of the healthiest food on earth and are even healthier and more easily digested when converted to juice.

    sip the above combo while working out and your body will never tap into your muscles for energy!

  7. ipalm21 says:

    @Blacksun1942… empty calories?!


  8. Blacksun1942 says:

    You’re right, my bad. Not empty calories… calories HEAVILY LOADED WITH AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF SUGAR in every serving.

  9. ipalm21 says:

    @Blacksun1942… so i guess when you eat a meal and it gets broken down into sugars, that’s not the same thing right? or could it be worse because it creates a huge insulin response and it’s more difficult to break down grains and cooked proteins into sugars? hmm… i think so.
    there’s nothing wrong with sugar as long as you aren’t dumping it into your system and as long as you consume sufficient fat along with that sugar.
    any objections?

  10. ipalm21 says:

    @Blacksun1942… also, we need sugars to fuel our brain and muscles and to keep our muscles from being broken down for energy.
    why not consume sugars that are easy to digest and convert into glucose?

  11. MellowChaos says:


    or simply do a search for “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

    (you can also find it thru my channel, on my playlists)

  12. soullessgagdoll says:

    I recommend watching a video on youtube called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.”

    Something Sean didn’t mention is that the fructose within actual whole fruit is surrounded by fiber, which makes the fructose enter the body slower and makes it less harmful to the body. Fructose not paired with the fiber is the recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that sugar (sucrose) is half glucose and half fructose, and the fructose in your snacks and low-fat bars makes you fat, that’s why fruit juice is bad (no fiber).

  13. killinemfast says:

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  14. lucxmad says:

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  15. sirrisreview says:

    @killinemfast if you wanted to make a point avoid the profanity and your point would be more credible

  16. Talkin2Me4000 says:

    THIS IS SO HILARIOUS! Throwing up the J! hahaha, the juice gang bangers hahahaha

  17. CivitasUltraAporia says:

    @soullessgagdoll that video is more propaganda and selective evidence than it is science and objective analysis

    google Alan Aragon’s response to Sugar: The Bitter Truth

  18. ZennLa13 says:

    wait, how does juicing remove the vitamins and minerals?

  19. anurre5 says:

    I thought at first he was saying fruit is bad. Then, I thought he was saying even fresh squeezed juice from my juicer is bad. Glad I listed to the whole thing. Is is bad to have more than a cup of my own fresh squeezed juice each day?

  20. oblivisci says:

    Freshly squozen juice is live, and is full of active enzymes & Minerals is much better for you.
    Eating Fruit Whole & Drinking Vegetables Juiced is the smartest thing you can do. But having a pure fruit smoothie in the morning is ridiculously healthy, because the fiber is blended in with it, and it is low calorie, no fat and all that sugar will be burned throughout the day.. & it is the best multi-vitamin.

  21. oblivisci says:

    This man is talking about pasteurized Juice. He is not talking about freshly made juice that you drink right away.
    Even in that case it is smarter to drink vegetable juice in abundance – specifically green juice. (cucumber, romaine, celery, parsley cilantro kale.. etc.)
    Its better to eat your fruit whole, or in a small smoothie with the fiber in it and juice it sparingly FRESH.

  22. VelvetHoneyBlossom says:

    It’s all in moderation, if you overdo it and take in more calories than you burn whether it comes from juice or not, you’ll gain. Also sugar in fruit has a low-med GI. Its packed with vitamins and goodness, but once again its moderation. 5 servings of fruit a day is OK and healthy. Nobody ever became obese from overeating fruits. 😛 Another small thing..when you get tested for blood sugar, wont ALL kinds of sugars come out in the test results? because is still sugar nomatter where it comes from.

  23. stevie89sxc says:

    WTF is juice? I want some grape drink baby!

  24. nuborn2001 says:

    WTF is juice?? I want some grape drink baby!

  25. BYoung38 says:

    Sean is great, however there are other options. Customizing your vitamins is the sure way to stay healthy. This new company I speak of also has “Healthy” energy/protein drinks, bars, and snacks! Check out my vids and playlists! You can purchase these great new products from me. If not, at least do your research.

  26. Nishiki83 says:

    I cant even believe you are gonna sit there and bad mouth juice. Real fruit juice is not the problem. The problem is all the soda and “fruit drinks” and energy drinks that are full of HFCS.

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