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  1. 2 giant alaskan malamutes are under the age of 2, the wired hair terrier will be 2 in feb. how do i get them to get along in one house where myself is incharge of the terrier and my boyfriend is owners of the malamutes?

  2. where am I going to get my calcium from, if I don’t drink milk?

  3. LuxorMedia says:

    Leafy greens and broccoli are an excellent source of calcium.

  4. LuxorMedia says:

    I apologize GanjaStuPipesUp, I meant to reply, not to remove your comment. I found this on wiki, but states they may not work for nutritional purposes.

    The mushroom Agaricus bisporus could contain Vitamin B12. This can be seen on some nutrition sites.

    Legumes have root nodules that contains Rhizobia. These bacteria can create Vitamin B12.

    Salt rising bread contains Clostridium perfringens which is known to create Vitamin B12.

  5. HollyBurry21 says:

    i mean i love yougurt and cheese but i really dont eat meat, maybe chicken, i mean is it ok to have that stuff once in a while?

  6. Shaktidance8 says:

    Also, regarding the B12 issue, there is tremendous evidence that humans perhaps were meant to consume soil and small amounts of insects in their vegetable matter (it would be difficult to avoid consuming soil and insects before modern methods of food cleaning and preservation). Just one bug contains the amount of B12 needed for an entire day. Not saying we should start eating bugs, but it’s just an interesting idea to bring up!

  7. BeautifulEverythingx says:

    Thanks for posting. This is very eye-opening. Once again I’m glad to be a Vegan.

  8. incrediblejessen says:

    i dont know why people think it is natural to drink the milk of another creature. where do you think we got calcium from BEFORE we started doing that? where do you think the COW gets the calcium from?

  9. LithingGrint says:

    Im not sure you listened to what he said. It is bad for you and your body. Of course doing bad things to your body once in while is better than doing it all the time, but it’s still bad..

  10. That’s why I buy organic Non-Fat Milk 🙂

  11. Nothing will happen if you have them from time to time, you shouldn’t have them all the time, the American diet is outrageous, a nasty combination of fat and sugar 24/7…

  12. CHECKitOKAY says:

    Yuck, yuck yuck! So glad I am vegan..

  13. wavepsychic says:

    YUCK! Surgery.. I can’t watch this video I just can’t! Call me a pussy but this kind of stuff makes me sick. I have got to go Vegan!

  14. Thank you doctor. You have given me much needed support to stay Vegan in an animal eating world.

  15. montsyblackmadonna says:

    Being organic doesn’t make it any less fat !