Food that kills – Part 1

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  1. Aquariansevenone says:

    I also think you become more intuitive less aggressive and much more in touch with your spiritual self. Not to mention you are making a difference in the world at least 3 times a day (depending on how many meals you eat). Cheers

  2. LuxorMedia says:

    Indeed, this has been the case, I feel much more connected.

  3. theswoonfactor says:

    Jesus was a vegitarian.

    He ate fish, but now a days fish have too much mercury in them…

  4. Aquariansevenone says:

    Anybody that eats ANY kind of flesh is not a vegetarian. “VEGETARIAN” the name says it all. No meat. None. Zero Zip Zilch Nada. If there was a Christ and he ate fish then he was not vegetarian. Then there are the Vegans and they take being a vegetarian to the next level.

  5. BAMNMBOKS says:

    that just opens my eyes makes me realize
    even more about what I’m eating
    thanks for letting me know

  6. BakuhatsuShojo says:

    I hate when vegetarians call themselves, “vegetarians” while they’re eating fish. lol.

  7. Aquariansevenone says:

    I know. Funny right? A cow might be convinced of your vegetarianismness, but that fish is probably gonna take a little more work, and the chicken will just take you on your word. That there is what we call an oxymoron, or a jedi mind trick. Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.

  8. BakuhatsuShojo says:

    lolololo well said. I was always taught that Vegetarians eat VEGETATION.. if you’re eating an animal, regardless of whether it walks, flies or swims.. ur not a vegetarian. I never knew herbivores ate other animals. lol.. last time I checked fish didn’t grow in the ground.. but hey, I haven’t checked in a while, maybe its different now -_-

  9. Aquariansevenone says:

    I think it’s different now because I’ve seen a curious thing called fish sticks and sticks come from tree branches so I’m still looking for the fish trees , but I really haven’t come across any yet. Must be an orchard full of fish trees growing somewhere.
    Imagine the head hunter cannibals who have you on a slow roast open pit flame telling you that they are vegetarian.

  10. Aquariansevenone says:

    Sounds like all the fish are getting their vaccinations then….

  11. mae1958 says:

    Wow! This is fascinating.

  12. NegroXFile says:

    Human teeth are not made for eating meat!

  13. maxvalo says:

    Where the cheeseburgers at!? Also beer….wonderful pleasures of life!

  14. cdm0014 says:

    great info 🙂

  15. Aerosteon says:

    Its hard to get enough calcium if you never eat meat or animal products.

  16. incrediblejessen says:

    no, it isn’t.
    the western hemisphere, with its high dairy/high meat intake, has more cases of osteoperosis than the East, who barely if at all consume any dairy and very little meat.

  17. Aerosteon says:

    The main cause of Osteoporosis is hormone changes as a result of menopause and general old age. A large range of other conditions effect Osteoporosis which aren’t related to Calcium, so Osteoporosis rates aren’t relevant.

    PS. If you want to look smart don’t spell Osteoporosis as Osteoperosis.

  18. incrediblejessen says:

    if you want to look smart, don’t believe the drivel you have been fed by the dairy industry/government, and do your own research. What i have stated are well known, scientific facts.

    Good day.

  19. vombatiformes says:

    Correlation isn’t causation.

  20. LampLightHealth says:

    raw goats milk here! we feed it to our children and we drink it ourselves. we also eat a raw vegan diet! VIBRANT health in our house!

  21. LampLightHealth says:

    He ate fish, yes indeed! He also ate lamb. He is, after all, Jewish. He ate lamb at passover. He, like other observant Jews, ate some fish and meat IN MODERATION! He did NOT fill Himself up on meat. The human digestive tract can handle a LITTLE C L E A N meat occasionally. Be wise and LIVE!

  22. gravityisforsissies says:

    I highly recommend reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price for anyone interested in learning about health. Very enlightening book from a very intelligent man.

  23. wavepsychic says:

    I am a pizza fanatic. I love it. After I eat a tone of pizza I notice something about my body. This blood test is not surprising since after I eat pizza AND bring my attention to my blood and heart I notice that my blood feels thicker and my heart is working harder then usually. It just doesn’t feel smooth for the heart. You should try it if you want to be in-tune with your body.

  24. mengo21 says:

    whats the name of this guy?

  25. aleterra says:

    I think it all depends on who you ask. If you watch the video: “Sugar: The bitter truth” the speaker shows why saturated fat doesn’t clog arteries, the high amounts of sugar we have in our diets is what is really killing us.

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