Almost everybody tries his best to keep healthy and fit, including lowering cholesterol, drinking less and doing body exercises. But people who take good care of eyes are not as many as those who take care of body. Though a lot of people have eye problems since young, they do not pay much attention to eye care, not to mention take effective measurements to protect eyes.

Eyes are part of our body. They influence the body and are influenced by the body, simultaneously. So body diseases can lead to eye problems. People who suffer from diabetes related issues and who smoke a lot are more likely to lose his eyesight, as smoking and other diseases will result in the damage of blood vessels behind the eyes. If you are a heavy smoke or you are diabetic, you are supposed to go for a check once every two or four years. If you have a family history of y eye-related disease, you are supposed to take the examination once a year or two years. Even though you feel good about your eyes, you should go for a check regularly.

Some eye diseases are introduced after birth, and some are hereditary. We can do eye exercises or have a good habit of eye using to prevent after birth diseases. But we sometimes can not do many things to overcome the hereditary issues. More seriously, if the hereditary diseases are left untreated, you may completely lose your eyesight. So it is important to know some heredity diseases at heart. Here we will introduce glaucoma, one kind of hereditary eye problem.

Glaucoma is caused by blockage in part of eyes. The blockage in eyes leads to the build up of excessive eye natural lubrication at one point thus put much pressure on the eyes. There is nearly no symptom of this pressure, so you can not feel it at all. Some time later, the gradual build up of fluid destroys nerve cells in the eyes and finally lead to eyesight loss. It usually starts with a tiny blind spot in your peripheral vision, and it ends with the whole vision loss in the central vision. You even do not have time responding. The most unfortunate thing is that glaucoma can not be completely cured. There are only tablets, eye drops or surgery methods to treat with the disease. All the methods have a function by lowering the pressure of fluid in eyes to prevent any vision loss or damage. So if your glaucoma is found earlier, you are more likely not to lose your eyesight, at least maintaining your current vision.

We are unavoidable when we are unlucky to have the hereditary eye disease, and we must admit the reality. What we can do is to take an eye examination earlier to get an earlier treatment when feel discomfort or painful in eyes.

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