1. NC Baller says:

    I want to start competing in femail bodybuilding (fitness not physic) I am 17 and seven stone 1 lbs atm, 5ft tall, quite healthy but not that muscley, basically i need help on what to do build muscle or lose fat first and what kind of diet and protiens any information will be helpful but please if your arrogant enough to say there men etc dont bother commenting.

  2. Okay so i’m 13 year old girl and i guess i am not really fit/physical whatever you call it. I’m 5’3 (ithink) and around 107 pound, and i don’t really play any sports. At school, I run the mile at around 11 minutes. I could barely do a push up, I get really tired after doing a little running or something in gym. I really want to start this school year fit and healthy (if i can) and I want to be able to run the mile faster and get good scores on my fitness testing especially the flex arm hang which I could do for like 5 seconds. I know i’m not the healthy type of person but whatever I want to be better and healthier I guess. Any ideas?

  3. hidethisnine says:

    She knows she is hot. A good spanking would get her attitude right.

  4. pistolero2007lv says:

    i wanna buttfuck her

  5. spankymcfister says:


  6. sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. CONdiggleDA8th says:

    Fuck Off Shes Like A MAAAANNN!!!!!! beast

  8. karizma8175 says:

    saved $15.00 by not watching you swing on a pole for once….

  9. .

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  10. well if thats what you call a man i wouldnt mind being together with her.

  11. metropool says:

    this old bag cant even do a split and she/he is in high heels-lmao

  12. destroyxeverything says:

    0:17 i’d stretch her anus.

  13. generalyoyoyo says:

    Que tenga mas musculos que yo no le resta profundidad.

  14. colonrape says:

    I bet her farts stink

  15. gunkelator says:

    yeah my wife always wears heels too when she stretches

  16. divineserpent says:

    you need to eat a little fat occasionaly

  17. ahhyo2006 says:

    Boy! Anything to be on YouTube these days.

  18. PropellaIsabella says:

    It’s more Sex than stretching !

  19. DancingFreely says:

    lmao! stretching in a bikini and heels……… wow, i love me, who do u love?? HAHAHA

  20. thegreatali13 says:

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  21. breakthough10 says:

    wow nice video


  22. hidethisnine says:

    I love her and would like to show her how much.

  23. Actionguy1 says:

    This young lady is quite beautiful and has an incredible body! Just too bad the quality of the upload isn’t any better. It doesn’t do her justice.

  24. dlicious body – limb all

  25. jamiegee123 says:

    ahhh its a trannyyy

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