diabetic dog food

Diabetes is no fun for humans or animals, with the desire for sweet things, the copious urine output and the huge thirst, to mention just a few of the common symptoms.

And it’s on the increase in humans as well as dogs and cats. Why should this be happening now?

Leaving the human cause aside for the purposes of this article, lets look at a typical diet for dogs in the western world, those who are not fed a quality diabetic dog food, that is.

Most people feed their dog a commercial brand of pet food. You’re lured by the manufacturers claims, which are mostly untrue, and by smiling vets and dog breeders on the colourful packets.

Health depends hugely on diet. Arguably, it could be considered the major cause of ill health in all animals, you included.

How to prepare Dog food

I want you to imagine, for a moment, that you are the owner of a dog food manufacturing business. You have to pay

  • rent on the premises
  • services to the premises – electricity, telephone
  • equipment purchase and upkeep
  • wages for your workers, including tax, health, sick and holiday pay
  • packaging for the end product
  • storage for the end product
  • advertising and marketing the end product

All this costs money. And you haven’t even bought in the raw ingredients, the food, yet.

Would you be a bit tempted to buy in low quality, low cost raw ingredients? After all, with the price of meat going up all the time, you have to consider whether your potential customers would pay the higher price your product would be? There’s plenty of competition about and customers are generally lured by low prices.

And they probably say – it’s only for dogs.

(I don’t know about you, but my dogs aren’t ‘only’.)

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to sympathise with the commercial pet food manufacturers. But if you can understand where they’re coming from, you’ll understand why it would be a good idea to make your own diabetic dog food.

I’m not suggesting all commercial pet food manufacturers are the same. But they do all face the same problems.

So not only is the meat low quality, it’s also bulked out with a filler.

Fillers can be anything from sawdust, to melamine (remember Chinese pet food?), to a market glut of any carbohydrate.

For the past few decades, the production of sugar has soared with its huge demand. This has resulted in a world glut.

Now, whenever there’s a world glut, the price drops. So buying sugar for bulking out commercial pet food is cheap.

I’m sure you’ve now made the connection between your dog getting diabetes and feeding him a commercial pet food. After all, no dog evolved eating processed sugar even in small amounts, let alone the huge amounts that go into pet food.

So the best diabetic dog food is to make it yourself. Then you know what goes into it.

I am offering you the chance to make a huge impact on the health of your beloved dog, simply by switching to the diabetic dog food I recommend.

It’s easy, it’s quick, you probably have most of the ingredients already. And it won’t cost you any more.

Are you ready to make a commitment, to feed your dog my diabetic dog food, to see his health change almost overnight?

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