Feces Diabetes (It approaches…)

25 Responses to Feces Diabetes (It approaches…)

  1. megaspartan1001 says:


  2. megaspartan1001 says:

    was that thing wearing gears armor

  3. Tellmeimaninja says:

    @megaspartan1001 That’s DAMON BAIRD.

  4. DarksaintJP says:

    lol thanks gmx7 now i no how to survive on a boat in halo

  5. xXr41nb0wju1c3Xx says:

    Recon is fail

  6. DropKickSkiff says:

    lol, first video of yours I laughed at in awhile, where did you go gmx7? come back, I miss you!

  7. orbiter891production says:

    to be honest i thought when he got on the boat i thought it would start playing i’m on a boat

  8. cluckeythe2 says:

    yeah me too

  9. Arashieatssweets says:

    how did the boat not sink yet when ever i get on it it just sinks

  10. hylan0143 says:

    because you dont have enough awesome points yet

  11. Manticon5 says:

    Lol dude this is hilarious!

  12. cockatoo777 says:

    mega teabagging….

  13. xionlord00 says:

    Forge, get a guy to hold it and release it in between melee’s. that or multiple shots

  14. dumba54 says:

    @MxGenerationProds I noticed this post was posted a long time ago, but if you haven’t figured out it is called a Capture Card which allows you to record anything that uses s-video or AV cables which you can then record off of and onto your computer.
    Hope that helps!

  15. Ardit1996 says:

    hahaha man thast was S.I.C.K!!!

  16. linkofsmash says:

    Deja Vu and Annual were real bitches to get

  17. MrHawkingson says:

    LMFAO xD

  18. Ardit1996 says:


  19. chibigamervampclan says:

    gx7 got ass reaped again

  20. theGRAYsea says:

    The only good part was the end…. The rest was dumb.

  21. xela985 says:

    oh my god your a fucking retard

  22. xela985 says:

    i with draw my eailer comment

  23. ThePancakeslol says:

    Q_Q The mad miggle(True form) eated GMx7 NOOOO.

  24. akatsukiRick says:

    lolzz i did the same thing when i got my recon i just started dancing like a dumbass

  25. 12ssSss21 says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

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