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  1. Yes we are omnivors. It looks like ancient man started off eating mostly vegies. Our bodies are set up to eat mostly veggies and some meat. Most folks, especially in America have fliped that. Mostly meat and a few veggies. Most people who live past 100 have the mostly plant based diet and meat is a treat. Ofcourse there are always the exception. Now there is junk food, MSG, genticly modified crap. I think my generation is going to be screwed if we dont change things.

  2. goofyreligion3 says:

    I disagree, I think our bodies are meant mostly to eat protiens/fats, not high amount of unprocessed vegetable matter. Humans don’t digest cellulose well at all for instance, whereas we digest proteins and fats much better. Not only that our bodies need fats to absorb essential nutrients, fats that just aren’t present in vegetable matter. Vegetable oils are also very toxic to humans.

  3. Witch vegetable oils to you think are bad ?

  4. goofyreligion3 says:

    All hydrogenated oils
    Soy oil
    corn oil
    safflower oil
    sunflower oil
    Cottonseed oil
    Canola oil

    Basically any oil that is primarily a polyunsaturated oil.

    Saturated fats are healthy because they are biochemically stable, unlike the polyunsaturates. Olive is good because it’s primarily a monounsaturate.

  5. You know, I’ve heard canola oil was good for you but when i used it It made my stomach hurt. Everyone is selling something so they all say thier stuff is the best, when it’s really shit. I use raw organic coconut oil, rice bram oil and advocado oil.

  6. goofyreligion3 says:

    Coconut oil is really great. It’s a naturally saturated fat, very very stable. You could leave it out at room temperature and it won’t spoil. The same can’t be said for the vegetable oils. It’s all about the biochemistry of substances. Polyunsaturates are biochemically unstable. This is why you can’t heat them or even leave them out at room temperature for long. They go rancid inside and out of the body.

  7. @flubno a person who doesn’t know the difference between witch and which shouldn’t be giving lectures.

  8. IvanDrago187 says:

    Ever seen how long a herbivores digestive tract is? Much longer than a humans. A cow for example has 4 stomachs. That’s whats miraculous about cows and herbivores, they can turn grass into meat, which we can’t do. Then we can eat the herbivore who’s spent her entire life eating tons and tons of grass.

  9. i thought humans started off as hunters

  10. @zbijesse no herbavores , than into hunter gatherers. It makes sence, early humans were probably not good hunters. We are slow, have no claws, bad eye sight. The only thing we got is our brain power, witch was not really developed yet.

  11. about 99% of soybeans are GMO, sad…

  12. i think you guys are both right. it really depends on how YOUR body reacts, not some author of an article’s body

  13. all of them. no joke. go to the store and get a jar of vegetable oil and there’s a 99.999999999999999% chance it’s been bleached, filtered. and refined. all that processing makes the linoleic acids go rancid and depletes it of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; resulting in empty calories, just like sugar

  14. @flubno good point(s)

  15. marneedear says:

    @flubno Ancient man was primarily a meat eater and the most robust communities ate the least plant matter. The anthropological & archaeological evidence of the Late Paleolithic and contemporary primitive cultures supports the carnivorous hypothesis as well. Like many primates early hominids and the species leading into hominidae were highly insectivorous — a type of carnivore.

  16. XxPnuemaxX says:

    @goofyreligion3 So basically hygrogenated vegetable, soy, and seed oils are bad.

    And tallow, olive, coconut are good, right? What other fats are good? Lard? Avocado? Rice bran? What are more good fat options that you know of? I really want to know.

  17. goofyreligion3 says:

    It comes down to the chemical makeup.

    Saturated -> Best
    Mono-unsaturated ->Ok
    Polyunsaturates -> Least good

    The problem with lard now days is that you don’t know what the animal has been fed, so who knows what the exact mixture of the fatty acids is, compared to say 100 or more years ago when the animals were more likely to be pasture raised.

    But if it’s a polyunsaturate, or even monounsaturate from a seed, best to stay away (sunflower, safflower for instance).

  18. goofyreligion3 says:

    Rice bran is one I would still avoid because it has a moderately high poly-component. Avacado’s fat content is relatively healthy, about 2/3rd of it is mono-unsaturate (like olive oil).

    Butter is my favorite source of dietary fat (organic, what the animal is fed affects what comes out of the animal, just look at chicken eggs to see that).

  19. @goofyreligion3 rice bran oil has a high smoke point, like 450 degreese. It’s good for frying. I use it when I pan fry chicken. I will never use soy bean oil again.

  20. @goofyreligion3 Butter is good, it rates very high in polluted stuff by the FDA, organic is the way to go. Stay away from Lard ! Have you ever tried duck fat ? It’s way cleaner than pig Lard. You can get it on the internet or specialty stores.

  21. SpatialVortex says:

    lol, I know how to make crisco at home now! :-p

  22. geniusxkiller says:

    I’m so confused right now. I once read saturated fats were bad for you and this video states that it is good for you. Guess I’ll try saturated fats and see how things turn out.

  23. philipjterry says:

    Depends where it comes from, animal fat, I personally stay away from. I get my fat from Salmon (omega 3) and COLD PRESSED olive oil (high in polyphenols) Anyone have any better ideas? I heard macadamia has a high smoke point but i might be allergic due to a nut allergy

  24. philipjterry says:

    A lot of scientists who preach but look unhealthy themself. I will personally listen to people like Jeanne Calment who made it to 122 years old. A fan of olive oil.

  25. TheVleckChannel says:

    The idea that saturated fat is bad for you is wrong and based on faulty data.