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  1. cocaine’s a helluva drug!

  2. LAVARDOYNE says:

    Fuck me I almost fell asleep listening to that… Good tips but..

  3. EEECODE65 says:

    did he say seman eat

  4. a bit boring but you definitely make sense man. thank you.

  5. Dude, good info – but please, pick up the pace and please stop touching your microphone. Again, good info, but you’re asking a lot of patience from your audience to stay with you through your presentation. Infuse a little energy into it and it will be more dynamic. All the best.

  6. goanyways says:

    dude lisssssten, first of all some excitement would do for the motivation card before a work out, and secondly what’s up with preachin about an olympian who can go six months without training eating oreos andnd actually lose weight? so basicallyyyy what you’re saying is hey guys in shape, wanna be a little more lean in a few months, ok sit on your a** and starting downing those fatty packaged cookies from your local ‘convenience’ store”. cmon man

  7. XboxMikey says:

    sounds like you’re reading this off a card or something haha. thx for the info

  8. DigitalHaze65536 says:

    Not what he said. The olympian would lose WEIGHT, not get in better shape. He would lose muscle, but look the same size, while being lighter. Then eventually, the muscle wouldn’t hold any more fat, and it’d go on his belly and whatnot. Just look at the picture……

  9. tjinga2u1 says:

    im 13 i weigh 170 and idk why i can beat the hell out of a football player but im not doing any sports i work out thats about it O.o

  10. theromanian101 says:

    good vid but stop slurping on ur slupie or whatever and pick up the pace

  11. zomgallusernamesgone says:

    you had one fact wrong muscle does not weigh more than fat, it is however denser and takes up less space.

  12. FastLossWeight says:

    Finally The Diet Solution here: watch?v=6LhODQFSxdM

  13. Those are some good chests. My chest is really fucking big it sticks out alot but I’m really thin but I look fat because of my chest. Especially when I’m wearing a t-shirt or so.

  14. It is not as easy as that. Firstly fat weight more than lean muscle. Burning fat involved Kreb Cycle which converts Fat to sugar for energy.
    Genetic also contribute to the body shape. Natural selection happens in schools or college when some people enter sports and some enter debating team. There are 6 factors to be considered:
    1. Genetic
    2. Metabolism Rate
    3. Number of Mitochondria per cell
    4. Digestive system
    5. Physiology
    6. State of mind

  15. dannydyer14 says:

    muscle weighs alot more than fat does

  16. danny1293 says:

    this guy sounds like he has dick up his ass

  17. Romthechamp says:

    this guy is talking a load of bollox!!

  18. MarquisDeSexy says:

    @zomgallusernamesgone if muscle is more dense than fat the same volume of fat would weight less then that volume in muscle. It’s the same thing as saying muscle weighs more than fat.

  19. MarquisDeSexy says:

    from wikipedia “muscle”: The density of mammalian skeletal muscle tissue is about 1.06 kg/liter[15]. This can be contrasted with the density of adipose tissue (fat), which is 0.9196 kg/liter[16]. This makes muscle tissue approximately 15% denser than fat tissue.

  20. LauraBeachnut says:

    You’re wrong, at least about one thing.

    Muscle weigh(s) more than Fat.

  21. martialartslangatang says:

    oh my god speak faster. such boring videos

  22. Pinkmafias786 says:

    jus stfu and tell us how to turn fat into mucscle! … guys about to fall asleep!