1. JDOGG1122 says:

    Ok, Jay and I met about 2 months ago. We are getting married. (I’m not posting about “is this too soon” so I don’t want to hear about your opinion on this. ) However.

    We met, fell so deeply and madly into love. I shut down my companies and moved to Houston at 4 am just because he said he wanted me to and I so deeply wanted to!

    I was in the middle of a divorce. We had been split up for a while so it wasn’t like an overnight thing. or anything with drama on that end.

    He however was in a divorce. At first his wife hated me… His mother hated me. She actually said that she was going to get Jasons son taken away from him for negligence. (she’s got the ability to frame him) I immediately packed up, and tried to move so he would be able to keep his child. Jay freaked out and cried like no one had ever done for me EVER!
    His soon to be ex wife actually chased me down and begged me to go back to him and stick it out. She was crying and begging!
    I went back and Jason embraced me and he wouldnt let go.

    Our whole relationship is perfect with each other. I get along GREAT with his now Ex-wife. She loves me! Now his mother on the other hand has sent me e-mails telling me how much she hates that she cannot spend time with her son because I’m such an evil person.

    I wake up and cook breakfast for Jay everyday. I make sure that the house is clean so when he comes home all he has to do is relax and eat the dinner that I have ready on the table. I meet him at the door and smile big and kiss him like it’d been weeks since I had seen him last.
    He proposed to me when he spoke to my ex-husband and found out that I am what I am showing him and that I did everything for him for 3 years and then he screwed up.

    I don’t pretend. Well, he proposed and I said yes! 3 weeks later, I found that I am pregnant with his child! When I told him he was SOO happy! He was literally jumping for joy!

    Well, his mother is now sending him e-mails and texts saying that “since you’ve now chosen some woman over me I guess I’ll just die alone, I don’t have much time! Thanks for nothing!”
    She’s not sick, she’s just older in her life. She still drives, she still works, she still goes shopping and running about. She’s trying to make him feel guilty.
    His whole last marriage, he bent over backwards for his mother.
    He moved from Nevada to Houston because his mom made him feel guilty about living in Boulder. (the city he grew up in) She left to get married to someone down here.

    She still calls him and calls me his puppet master. Although I don’t make ANY decisions. Because I don’t want to. He’s the man, the man makes the decisions.
    She constantly says, you’ll go to hell for your sins! You need to release this devil.
    She has even gone as far as saying that this baby isnt his. He and I know for 100% that it is.
    Whatever… The thing is though I don’t know what to do. She is the only family that he has down here and I feel bad for him.
    I love Jason so much and I don’t want him to hurt in anyway.
    But I feel like I am damned if I do Damned if I don’t.
    I’ve been nothing but nice to this woman! I invited her to help with the pregnancy. I even told her that I would buy the house across the street from her if she wanted because she had been begging Jason to buy it for a while.
    I don’t care about living near in-laws. His last wife did.

    What do I do? I’m tired of her filling his head with this crap. She’s hurting him so much. I don’t know what to do. He’s better than this and he MAKES GREAT decisions on his own. He’s 30 years old for Gods sake and she still wont let him fly!

    I’ve asked Jason what he wants and how he feels about it. He said he’s ok and she’s just being her. But I can see that he’s really hurt by it as well. She’s always called him a failure and thus breaking down his ego to where he feels like he cannot make it on his own.

    I tell him everyday that I have faith in him and that I am here for him when he needs me for help.

    The first thing his mom said when I met her was “why would someone like you (owner of companies, successful in life) want to do with my Jason? What in the hell do you like about him?”

    I just told her ‘because it’s him, everything about him is worth something to me.”

    I better stop writing now, I’m starting to get upset!!!!!!!
    He’s really wonderful about this whole situation, I do however wish that because we have children I’ve got custody of my 2 year old from my previous marriage, he’s got custody of his 2 year old from his previous marriage and then we have the one or two on the way. I haven’t had my US yet. I just wish that His mother could be a part of the family. My family is mad at me for divorcing my ex-husband they adored him, but they also see how much happier he (my ex) and I are now. So they let it go. My ex and I will always be friends and Jay is ok with that. I actually moved his ex wife into our home because she lost hers. I also purchased her a plane ticket to Rhode Island to be with her boyfriend. I can get along with ANYONE for the children… I’d love the kids to have Grandma! But she refuses! I’m just taken…

    Go to It’s our story. Him, the Children, and Me.

  2. geogodley says:

    the rest of the family is nicer

  3. WOW, Thanks Grandma Buzzkill…WOW! She sure likes to pick on you..

  4. lol Good To Know:) –Family Dynamics,gotta love it!– Interesting Vid. Quality Production.

  5. DawnAkemi says:

    Thank you for your very honest and revealing Christmas portrait.

    That feast looked yummy!! 😉

  6. maybe if the cameraman didn’t act like a smug little child, the elderly lady would show him respect like an adult. Always interesting to see someone else’s dysfunctional scenario; as an outsider I can see how it would be easy enough to not be bothered by it; someone else can do the same with my “dysfunctional” family elements.

  7. BradTheCad says:

    Need a new Alfred?

  8. BradTheCad says:

    Need a new Alfred?

  9. BabyGrl4u1 says:

    wtf lol
    seems like a nice short film lol


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