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  1. Obes Surg. 2004 Nov, Laparoscopic conversion of lap band to gastric bypass: a review of 70 patients. Paris, France. Results of conversion of failed lap band to gastric bypass (GBP). 70 pts converted for: insufficient weight loss, gastric pouch dilatation, band migration or band intolerance. 4.3% converted to open surgery. Mean operative time was 4 hrs. Hospital stay 7 days! Early complication rate was 14%. Laparoscopic conversion of LapBand to GBP is a technically challenging procedure

  2. Obes Surg. 2006 Feb Revision of failed lap band to gastric bypass. van Wageningen B et al, The most common bariatric surgical operation in Europe, lapband, has a high incidence of long-term complications and insufficient weight loss. We investigated 47 revisions to gastric bypass (GBP). The GBP, mean operating time was 3 hr and hospital stay was 7 days. Complications occurred in 17%. CONCLUSION: Conversion of LapBand to GBP is needed to treat complications of LapBand