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  1. Boo Cookie says:

    When using a microphone to convert electricity into sound energy and then back again, where is energy being lost?

    What other forms of energy is it being converted into?

  2. hazen0066 says:

    Surg Endosc. 2007 Aug;21 1388 Lap revision from LapBand to gastric bypass. Houston, TX LapBand experience complications or fail to lose sufficient weight after the banding procedure. Study outcome of gastric bypass (GBP) revision surgery after a FAILED LapBand. Revision 28 months after banding. BMI before the LapBand 45 the BMI at revision was 43!!! Conversion from LapBand to GBP is needed for FAILED LapBand. Revision surgery is technically challenging

  3. Obes Surg. 2004 Nov, Laparoscopic conversion of lap band to gastric bypass: a review of 70 patients. Paris, France. Results of conversion of failed lap band to gastric bypass (GBP). 70 pts converted for: insufficient weight loss, gastric pouch dilatation, band migration or band intolerance. 4.3% converted to open surgery. Mean operative time was 4 hrs. Hospital stay 7 days! Early complication rate was 14%. Laparoscopic conversion of LapBand to GBP is a technically challenging procedure

  4. Poll Results FROM Web: “Lap Band Talk Forum”: How is your band?
    Fine, no complications so far 73%
    Removed NOT erosion/slip 2%
    Slipped but unfill repaired it 2%
    Slipped, I was rebanded 5%
    Slipped, removed, no new band 3%
    Slipped, revised to bypass, ETC 2%
    Eroded, unfill repaired it 1%
    Eroded, removed, no revision 4%
    Eroded, revised to bypass, ETC 1%
    1 year + band isn’t working 7%