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  1. Scott Bull says:

    I am currently helping my course organise the dj/band side of my grad ball. I am looking for a suitable live band or dj to play at it. Would prefer someone or group that are based in Glasgow, Scotland. Can anyone help?

  2. MsBEBE33b says:

    My cousin got it done in Europe 6 months ago. She had no complications and has lost 90lbs + and my 2 sisters had it done both no complications. It does have restrictions and thats what its all bout’ not putting all that crap food that we overweight ppl are addicted back in our mouths. But everyone is different and will have different experiences. Its definitely and lifestyle change and committment” its def one of the safer options!!

  3. TheLapbander says:

    This doctor is a joke and this procedure is not recognized by the ASMBS..the only reason this guy pushes this bullshit procedure is cause he doesn’t know how to make the band work

  4. TheLapbander says:

    Further this patient should have never gotten a band in the first place because shes not using it properly.
    She’ll fail on bypass after about a year and a half when the calories get absorbed again

  5. FortyToGo says:

    Wrong, the reason she isn’t losing weight anymore is because the lap band SLIPS. Since two people in my family had lap bands they lost weight (STILL EAT HEALTHIER THEN ANYONE ELSE) and BOTH have put on the weight again because their bands have slipped. Doctors put it in and then don’t care what happens. Rethink your choices, if you want to lose weight GO ON A DIET. Don’t bash other people because obviously you have issues with food as well!

  6. Wickedpru says:

    she could have ate yoguart or get her band unfilled some.

  7. coachbabyblanket says:

    to kevinbudgen i also had the lap band i was faithfull with it for 3years and i waisted $15,000,i never lost any thing,so think before you talk,you also STUFF your face thats why your getting fitted for lapband,if you want to loose weight just be committed to any diet and do all thes work outs you talk about ! why shoud we suffer evan more harder on diet and workouts,after the lapband its crazy, they say its a tool, but for what? lap band is JUNK!

  8. sexyncute5 says:

    I think this patient is saying things that are not true!! Fist of all, when they asked her what she ate… she didnt even know what to say, because she has been eating bad foods. Like if you cant eat have a yogurt, puree foods, make your own soups.. dont eat CHIPS AND ICECREAM AND EXPECT TO LOSE WEIGHT. she obviously is NOT willing to take the right steps to lose weight! I have my band and im happy to have gotten it. and yea sometimes food gets stuck but you have to make better decisions!!

  9. Joeduavit says:

    I had the band in December 2005 at 292lbs. Lost 35lbs the first six months only because my doctor refused to fill my band until I began an exercise regimen. After proving myself he filled my band with 3cc’s which highly restricted intake. By that time I was walking and jogging and began going to the gym. In a years time I had lost 100lbs and have maintained ever since. The band is a tool. We have to put in the work and discipline too. Good luck to all. Exercise is the key.

  10. toomuchrn says:

    This pt just want attention. The Lap Band didn’t fail her she failed the lap band. How are you going to eat junk food chips, ice scream, Not one time did she mentioned attempting to chew food well or selecting healthy food. she could have chose yogurt verses ice scream. The lap band is a tool to assist you in your weight loss and they tell you that.

  11. OlkaPolkaP says:

    Unable to eat healthy food?! That is just rediculous! If you want to lose weight you have to make it work in your head. STOP eating junk and a lot of it. It is that simple.

  12. DJLOUIEMIX says:

    yeah thats true ! I weight 525 lbs and I know why and how I just dont have the balls to stop doing it.

  13. The lap band didn’t fail, SHE failed.
    If “ice cream and chips” went down easy, why didn’t she address her “inability to eat healthy high protein foods” and drink protein shakes and such like she was supposed to. The lap band didn’t fail, she failed her lap band.

  14. modernbedouin says:

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  15. AhBaBnYnah says:

    Thats why you have to be picky in who you choose in a doctor. My doctor requires lots of classes before hand and tons of after care. Also she prolly could have still lost weight if she chewed more. You have to take baby bites and chew them into complete mush. Sounds like shes just making excuses cuz she couldnt hack it.

  16. @lexigore Maybe because protien shakes costs $10 for 6 and you have to drink 2 every day… Not many people can afford it.

  17. There are more inexpensive options for “soft” protein. I get my husband (he bodybuilds) huge containers of protein powder for under $20 that last months and he drinks them with soy milk which is extremely inexpensive. Also, if she could afford an expensive lapband surgery (it’s not usually “covered”), then why wouldn’t she factor in things like a need for protein powders! I stand firm. She gave up on the band. It didn’t fail, she failed to find a way to make it work.

  18. rainslave says:

    I have a female friend who had the same thing done. She too puked – a lot! especially after eating chicken. Then having the band for about 7 yrs decided to “live” again. At age 41 she had it removed. She recovered, then decided to walk more. She fell into a walking class that ended up turning her to a running class – she is now 46. She runs every day and is almost 162lbs lighter! Go figure! I might also add, that she had been on many meds, once off of them her desire to excercise kicked in!!

  19. rainslave says:

    My friend had the same situation as you. However her band was removed (as well as the radical med’s she was on) and she found salvation in excercise. Go figure!

  20. FaRaWLa2020 says:

    if you can afford a $20,000 surgery, u should be able to afford eatting healthy. God knows she ate enough McDonalds and BK. If she can afford that she can afford lean proteins.

  21. FaRaWLa2020 says:

    totally agreed. I had this surgery as well and its the best thing that happened to me. My doc did tell me that the band does 50% of the work and I must do the rest, which is true. If all I ate were high calorie foods, Id definitely gain 100 lbs as well. Its not a miracle worker, its something that wil help you with a lifestyle change that you need to implement.

  22. COBMapler says:

    Some of this prople think that the lap band will cure then in 60 days, the lap band is a tool not a cure, I got my last week in Mexico from dr, Ramos in TJ. Great experience, I tick with the program and follow the rules no solid for 21 days ( in 5 days I lost 10 pound) it is not for everyone leann how to give up all your food for a wile, small things to do if you think that you can die in the next few years, this is how he works, first High Cholesterol medicine will slowly kill your liver

  23. slurpie74 says:

    you can only eat ice-cream, what about low fat yogurt instead. you made poor choices and excuses. I have had the lapband and can eat chicken, steak and friut/vegies as I eat slow and chew correctly. The lapband is a tool not a quick fix. It helps you along the way to weight loss but you also have to exercise. I think lapbanding is wonderful when used right and have follow up care.

  24. Yeah uhmm, your eating all the wrong things, youv’e learned NOTHING about NUTRITION and has not made a real HEART/HEAD choice to CHANGE. guess what the SAME thing is going to happen with your MGB. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it IS your fault,
    Hope you do better and good luck

  25. ForwardSlashRo says:

    I wonder if she chews her food.

    also, someone her size should have gotten gastric bypass, not lap-band. lap-band isn’t for everyone. gastric isn’t either.