Sleeping disorders are a major problem in the United States. An estimated 70 million Americans are in some way affected by them. One of the major problems with sleeping disorders is one of their major side effects is increased weight gain for those affected. The reason that the side effect of increased weight is such a major problem is due to the fact that a side effect of obesity is to have problems sleeping. Like so many medical problems, often numerous disorders are linked to each other. When one gets worse it will negatively impact the other condition.

With so many Americans having sleeping disorder problems, and numerous more Americans having problems with obesity; it is important that Americans do everything that they can to reduce the negative side effects of both. Weight loss is a good first step to both improve your health and to improve your sleep.

Many studies have shown that exercise will aid people to get more restful sleep. A person should exercise at least 20-30 minutes each day. They should also try to schedule their exercise to be in the morning or in the early afternoon. If you wait until night to exercise it may interfere with your body and cause you to have more problems sleeping. Exercise should include both cardiovascular training, and also resistant based training. Studies have shown that an effective mixture of the two types of training will burn many more calories than using just one method.

The goal of a good resistant based workout should be to create and maintain lean muscles. When your body is creating lean muscle, it is required to use a large amount of calories, more even than when your body is actively exercising, thus helping you to lose more weight. A good way to help your body to produce more lean muscle is to supply it with protein. Protein is the building blocks that your body uses to create lean muscle. Protein isn’t a stimulate, so you don’t have to worry about loss of sleep when taking in more protein. Also, your body almost never converts protein into fat so it serves as a good dietary option to increase protein intake when trying to lose weight.

The best way to get more protein into your diet is to take a protein supplement. Whey protein is the best supplement available that you can take. Whey protein is easy to digest, and doesn’t have the side effects of indigestion that other soy based protein supplements produce. Whey protein isolate contain a higher percentage of pure protein compared to other types of protein, with most isolates having 90% pure protein. This helps to get the maximum amount of protein into your system, without any additives that might be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

The best time to take whey protein is right after a workout or right before you go to sleep. Those are the two major times that your body will produce lean muscle. That is one of the reasons that it is so important that you get a restful full night’s sleep. Taking whey protein before sleeping will help your body create a pattern, which will help it to get to sleep easier.

The pattern of sleep, exercise, and weight loss will create a positive cycle that will counteract the negative side effects of sleeping problems and obesity.

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