Over the past year, our attention has been brought to our cholesterol levels. A few years ago not many people would have known what their cholesterol levels were, but now after a lot of advertising, people are becoming more aware of how their cholesterol levels affect their lives. However, there are still some who are confused as to what cholesterol is and how they can tell if they have a healthy cholesterol level. So just how can you tell whether your cholesterol levels are healthy?

Knowing What Cholesterol Is

Cholesterol is pretty vital within the body. Whilst it may be unknown to some of us, its role is to keep our bodies functioning normally. Every single one of our cells is surrounded by cholesterol and its job is to insulate our nerve fibres. By insulating the nerve fibres, the cholesterol ensures that the nerve signals are travelling properly which is extremely important. Cholesterol also produces hormones which are used to carry specific signals around the body.

Now, if too much cholesterol was made by the body, it would increase your chances of heart disease. That is why high cholesterol levels need to be brought down. So, whilst it is essential in order for our bodies to function properly, Cholesterol does have to be controlled properly.

Knowing What Your Cholesterol Level Is

How do you know if your cholesterol levels are high? Well, generally a trip to the doctor’s will let you know exactly what your cholesterol level is but really knowing your levels is not really enough to tell whether or not you have a risk of heart disease. Something else which is needed in order for you to find out is your Lipoprotein levels.

Lipoproteins are molecules which are especially designed to carry cholesterol around the body. They are important because they control exactly how much cholesterol is in your body. Now, there are two main types of Lipoproteins and those are high density Lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins. The one which you really need to be aware of is Low Density Lipoproteins. If you have a high level of Low Density Lipoproteins, you have bad cholesterol which means that there is too much of it to build up. High density lipoproteins are associated with good cholesterol and they are used to carry cholesterol away from cells and to the liver.

The complicated thing about cholesterol is the right level you should belong. The doctor has the ability to tell you how low your cholesterol levels should be. The average person usually should have around 4.0mmol/l but if you have a low density lipoprotein count, then you should have around 2.0mmol/l. As mentioned, however, each person is different so you need to get your levels checked to see exactly what you should be aiming for.

Overall cholesterol is important and you should know what levels you have and what you can do about it. More and more people are developing heart disease due to high levels of cholesterol so it is better to go to your doctors to know your cholesterol level.

You can do a number of things to improve your cholesterol level. Eating healthy food can help lower your LDL cholesterol level. A healthy diet may help protect the body from the damaging effect of cholesterol. You can raise your HDL cholesterol level by quitting smoking if you smoke, losing weight if you are overweight and exercising.

Following a healthy low fat diet can lower cholesterol levels. If healthy eating and exercising don’t work after about six months, consult your family doctor of the medicine to lower your cholesterol level.

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