For people who have pets, they’re a part of the family. This is why pet health care is as important as human health care. Because vet bills can be costly, it’s important to take on some simple advice to keep your pet healthy and avoid illness in later life.


Bigger animals such as cats and dogs must be vaccinated when they are puppies and kittens. Although this is expensive, it cannot be forgotten. In the long run though, vaccination saves money by protecting against life threatening conditions.


Cats and dogs should also be wormed and treated for fleas and ticks. Again, this may seem expensive but it’s better to be safe than sorry and it’ll ensure your pet is happy. Making sure you pet is happy and comfortable is very important in pet health care. All animals need a suitable place to sleep. A cat often sleeps in various spots around the house. But dogs should have a warm bed. Also, smaller pets like hamsters and rabbits need a warm place with the appropriate material. Although hamster bedding can be bought in pet shops, they are just as happy with shredded paper.


The food your pet eats will also have an impact on their health. It sounds like a joke, but pet obesity is on the increase in the UK, so choose their food carefully. Cats love milk but it can be bad for them, so give it to them as a treat only. It ‘s easy to get into the habit of feeding your dog human food from the table. A little of this is ok, but remember when he’s at the table begging for food that he also has dog food to eat, so not to give him too much. Rabbits will appreciate a variety of fresh vegetables.


Exercise is very important for pets. Even small pets like hamsters need a good run, so make sure they have the biggest cage you can accommodate to give them space to explore. Hamsters should be taken out of their cage to exercise; the plastic balls you can buy in pet shops are great for them. Be careful though, hamsters are great escape artists and easily lost if you take your eye off them. Although cats will get their own exercise, they love to stay active with toys at home. When it’s cold outside, some cats are reluctant to go out, even though you feel sorry for your cat, a gentle push in the right direction is good for them. Dogs love a good walk, so it’s no problem to give them the exercise they need. It ‘s important to give your dog the right amount of exercise as too much can be bad for him. Bigger dogs normally require longer walks.


These simple rules will create a healthy lifestyle for your pet. You should always take your pet for an annual check up with the vet, but giving your pet a healthy life is vital to your pet health care regime. This advice could save you money and heartache by preventing illness in your pet.


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