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  1. lightnerbride says:

    Gee he forgets to meantion that the many positive things that make this a good WLS are the same reasons Lap-Banding is so great but with banding no cutting of any internal organs! Also why doesn’t he mention how many patients end up going full GB in the end to keep weight off and how many full GB end up getting their pouch so stretched out that they need a band later?

  2. He also forgot to mention the high rate of death from these kinds of procedures. What kind of a loser quack advertised on youtube?! I wonder how many times he’s been sued.

  3. thatamericangirl says:

    I’m flabberghasted that he’d say diet and exercise have been generally ineffective. They’re not “effective” because people don’t eat well or exercise enough! I understand that there may be certain people who don’t respond very well to either, but most of us DO. This guy makes it seem like diet/exercise only work for a small portion of people.