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  1. Hi Im 14 and last year my mom FORCED the Swine Flu vaccine on me when i didnt want whatsoever seeing that I knew about the Mercury and heavy metals IN the Vaccine and I’ve been doing some research on how to remove Heavy Metals from your body and then I came across “Chelation Therapy”

    But what is it?………. Is it expensive? Is it Painful? Where can I get it? ETC……

  2. what are the chemical structures for thallium and chelation?

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    Heart disease is the major cause of death in our country and we can help prevent it! Our Curves works with members to exercise and eat better. This video is so helpful and please forward it to everyone you know! It could help save a life.
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  7. Thank you for this information on heart disease. This video presentation is helpful in understandng this misinformed subject. Phoenix Nutritional’s Heart Wise is an excellent supplement with great results.

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    A Member Story:
    Hi Dr Whiting, I have been using the Thyrox formula for more than 2 weeks now and I can’t believe how much different I feel. It is amazing. I am on thyroid meds and I feel well enough and strong enough with the Thyrox to do some of the things I need to do, like lose weight and exercise more. I am now up to 3 miles a day and last week, lost 4 pounds!!! Before that, the weight wouldn’t come off no matter what I ate or how much I exercised. It’s amazing stuff.

  9. csupport2 says:

    Ellen has been a member of mine for 7 years; as of June 1st 07 her work up was this: Total Chol 265, Trygly 159, HDL 79, LDL 154. She came to us and wanted help, after 7 months of a health diet, exercise and your recommend program her new report is: Total Chol 171, Tri 91, HDL 67, LDL 86. Just thought you could add this to your collection of amazing testimonials you get everyday. Come visit us Selmer, TN, 116 S Y Square. 731-645-9297.

  10. healthyinformation says:

    I will be doing a swine flu video addressing all the top concerns about swine flu, tamiflu and swine flu problems that may arise

  11. Now of course, we need to make sure we get our saturated fat intake from good sources like coconut oil, raw dairy products that come from a certified USDA organic dairy farm, grass fed beef, and free range organic eggs. Eating conventional feedlot(grain fed) beef is more than likely going to be bad for you, because of e.colli and other crap.