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  1. vanboetzelaer says:

    Thank you for putting the light on all those medication that a lot of people do take. it is so important that people, like you, who know the working of them, speak out and tell us about it.

    van Boetzelaer

  2. vanboetzelaer says:

    very clear and good video
    van boetzelaer

  3. healthyinformation says:

    Thank you for your support.

    Dr Whiting

  4. desertflower20 says:

    I like how you inform people, you help them see clearly how these drugs do more harm than good. My sister has so many mental problems and weight problems now ever since she starting taking depresion and anxiety pills. Now she has to take other forms of pills to fix the problems the previous pills caused. I have tried your liquid multi- liquid supreme, i feelso much better since taking it. Thanks for everything. You are truly heaven sent!!

  5. theredone09 says:

    i love this video but it would help them if they re did it in a better quality