1. Kim,

    I beg to differ, It is common sense and logic that brings about belief since most theists dont adhere to books or religion as you state. It’s pretty simple really and I think most of you atheists miss that fact.

    Its either;

    1. We were created by a God that is so powerful that there cannot be anything before him because that is not logical.
    2. We were created out of pure luck from a non intelligent universe.

    I think most logical people given the fact that “we are” and in a state of being purposefully and with intent chose #1.

    There are a few laws that govern what you want to know. Also look up infinite regress. Keep in mind that if God indeed exists he would be so powerful that it would be illogical for him not to do and bend any law as he pleases so therefore nothing can exist before him, it would be illogical.
    Well traveled,

    Why don’t you provide some “real” evidence that refute the countless historical facts that are?, You cannot. I would do lots of research in many areas before you claim anything, your Words mean nothing.

  2. Wow!!!!! cured diabetes!!!!!! – Jesus could heal the dead, let’s see you do that if you are who you think you are.

  3. I was just thinking about the speed limit

  4. InsomniusPFA says:

    salam alaykum brother. thanks for the post!

  5. Oneillm3 let’s ask you a question. Is death a sickness? Since you stated; “Jesus could heal the dead, let’s? see you do that if you are who you think you are”.
    Which is it? Did he raise the dead or cure someone who appeared to be dead?

  6. Jesus? where is he anyway according to the bible he havnt even reach haven yet. Give that crap back ppl.

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