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  1. trilegarde says:


  2. flying16panda says:

    very informative and helpful. thanks a lot!

  3. FemmeBleu says:

    I have many of the symptoms of a weak/unhealthy liver. I believe this is why I have mild acne, trouble gaining weight, yellowish skin tone (sallow) and why I feel constantly tired. Gotta get this book!

  4. paradise1man says:

    very nice,keep it going doc,thanks.

  5. jaytheman898 says:

    she is just splurling out generic symptoms which could be a diagnosis to most illnesses

  6. usamericanz says:

    she pronounces her last name ka-BOW….LOL

  7. foolsgoldsoma says:

    I was diagnosed with fatty liver. I now dont drink, take milk thistle every day, exercise, and watch what I eat. It makes me feel a lot better and is good for the liver.

  8. Did you read her book? What did you learn? How helpful was her advice?

  9. phoenixhoneybee says:

    long live the liver! long live the liver!

  10. Comrad132 says:

    finally there are doctors tht connect all other sickness like poor memory, headache with liver. God bless you and keep up great work.

  11. ckpeltomaa says:

    She looks very healthy and happy and alert — I’m sold!!

  12. WildBill6942 says:

    I had eczema really bad for years and read Dr. Cabot’s Liver Cleansing Diet book and followed it to the letter. After 12-week’s the eczema went away and has not come back. She is the real deal. Thank you Dr. Cabot!

  13. I did only use her info in her book and it did save my life in an amazing way
    just follllow her book !! Now i am an fnatic !!

  14. greatbydesign33 says:

    Sound is off on this video ?

  15. opportunity2speak says:

    I saw Sandra Cabot on the 700 Club in 1999. I bought the book and followed the 8 week plan diligently. WOW. I never forgot how amazing it was. The fat flush was so amazing around my middle that I had a waist again. Actually my stool was white-ish. Was it fat? I don’t know. The whole deal was amazing. I looked 8 to 10 years younger while following the plan.

  16. I use NOW Foods’ silymarin-tumeric milk thistle extract from iHerb. Use coupon code YAN312 to get $5 off your order. 🙂