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  1. lavlav777 says:

    this video is great need to know the price to do the revision

  2. DrRRutledge says:

    CONCLUSION: As indicated by the worldwide trend, there is an ongoing change from restrictive bariatric procedures to malabsorptive procedures
    Obes Surg. 2008 Oct 22. A Nationwide Survey on Bariatric Surgery in Germany-Results 2005-2007.

  3. DrRRutledge says:

    I would say go put to Dr. R’s website and watch all the videos on the
    lap band. From my experience as a former lap band patient – I can
    tell you it was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! I was always throwing up and had
    terrible reflux and it almost destroyed my stomach. With that said
    everyone is different and you need to make your own decisions. I wish
    I would of choose the MGB first. I paid double with having the failed
    lapband and then the MGB 🙁