1. This man makes me happy inside… Like suddenly the worlds problems are nonexistant lol. I love it.

  2. Underthenoise says:

    well… this is interesting.

  3. Barbscats says:

    Great video blog, love the music, fantastic doll collection, well presented, entertaining, and those cats!

  4. DemonicSpoon says:

    To Neal, you are awesome. I love you.

    Does Neal happen to have an account on Den of Angels? [he seems the type]

  5. He’s handsome and having fun and that makes me smile.
    The dolls and furbabies are nice, but Neale is a beautiful original. Lets’s have more!

  6. paulbanksbaby says:

    What’s the song?

  7. jeangeniex3 says:

    what a beautiful man.

  8. Hi there~! I live in Korea and LOVE these dolls….I am saving for one called ‘Black Cat Lucas”….they are expensive and yet I spend my weekends going to the shops near my house coveting them… rule~!!!! Come to Korea and we can have tea at the doll store tea house~!!!!

  9. thanks for your posts guys, for those more into the dolls see blog three, less health , more dollys…

    smooches to all of your kind remarks!

    kisses to korea!!

  10. wghat a beautiful comment! xo

  11. the song is rose’s turn form the musical Gypsy. this is the ethel merman version. hope you enjoyed her:.

  12. maykahearth says:

    Neat! ^^ Do you have the swan Barbie. The one w/ black hair, white tutu & she got theses false eyes lashes. I really love dolls ^^ & i collect them too now i don’t know where to put them~ Lol Keep it up!

  13. andramarie says:

    Fascinating, fun and fabulous as seen by me. The dolls are lovely. I like ribs and love chocolate too; maybe I should get the choles’ checked…yikes! Warmest regards, Andra Marie



  16. You really shouldn’t have the dolls in constant direct sunlight like that theyre going to yellow. They really are beautiful and it would be a shame to have them damaged.

  17. thank you for watchign and the tip! but my dollroom is kept very dark except when filming. love neale

  18. a guy? yes i am a guy.

    1. Alakazaam-information found, problem sloevd, thanks!

  19. antijelly says:

    you look like luigi colani! which is a good thing
    i am a male ball jointed doll owner to.

  20. antijelly says:

    where do you get those victorian clothes and the cool wigs.
    sorry if you said it in the video, i didnt have time to watch it all

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