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  1. you rock beautiful green goddess:)*

  2. OMG that’ beautiful Angela, you are so sweet and filled with love and passion, thank you thank you and lots of love back to you

  3. eavinall1 says:

    I love it! Merry Christmas to you & happy new happy new year!

  4. Angela, you just keep getting more and more beautiful!

  5. shamandreaming says:

    So very lovely. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  6. u go girl — miss u and matt
    happy new year
    when in Ct we can have an acoustic concert
    at the Cafe

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for keeping us RAW. Hey, is that a new ring on your finger? If so Congratss……..

  8. this is so great! xoxo Yay raw!
    p.s. Angela your hair is getting soo long: pretty!

  9. ubertopia says:

    Angela you’re awesome. I love it! Absolutely fabulous dear, really. Many thanks!
    Blessings xx

  10. richardmoores says:

    I agree with you, the raw food community should get together. I want to get in to this, so would someone please help me make contact with the raw food community, because right now I’m doing it on my own. I live in Manchester, England.

  11. bloinginthuwind says:

    love it love it love it

  12. bettybomb88 says:

    Absolutely enchanting. Matt is the lucky one.

  13. suziesmoothie says:

    You ve got a beautiful voice (: go rock-ett girl!!!

  14. permacultureli says:

    i thought you were shy…guess not…you have really bloomed in so many ways….i went raw…2 weeks already…very happy..

    love you!.


  15. beautiful voice, darling!

    you inspire me!

    i wanna be a raw musician!

    all the love in the multiverse and then some dear angela,

  16. google, google, google, sweety! i think that’s def the best way to get a grasp of all the support that’s out there. u can find info on communities that are happening in the real world & the net:-) xo

  17. Beautiful. I see a cd coming in your future. Raw Food Songs Get Now!

  18. coconutboi11 says:

    Did i hear Grammy? 😉

  19. daniellebassguitar says:

    angel stokes! me and dez love you…we went raw vegan cause we seen your story on cnn health..thank you…you are the lady!


  20. So beautiful voice!!!

  21. indigoelemental says:

    You have a beautiful voice Angela

  22. BeautifulLivingArt says:

    LOL!! I love it!! You truly do Rawk!!