hypertension cure with diet

A high blood pressure diet demands that you cut back on or eliminate some foods, while increasing your intake of others. Salt is a prime culprit in creating high blood pressure, so you should be consuming no more than five grams of salt per day. You will have to start paying attention to the sodium in the packaged and canned foods you buy, because many of them are notorious for their high salt content. Go for the low-salt or no-salt versions. You can learn to season your food with herbs and spices; they are the secrets to many a brilliant culinary career.

Even when people think they are eating “healthy” foods, many times they are not. You can have a package of wild rice with some type of seasoning packet in it and it does have some healthy characteristics. It is very low in all types of fats. It has zero cholesterol. It provides excellent proteins and complex carbohydrates. However, it has a ton of sodium in it. And remember, each package is made for a family not an individual.

The thing about traditional medical treatment is that it is simply hiding the cause of hypertension. Though hypertension is a silent disease meaning that is shows no signs, it is most often the result of bad lifestyle habits. In fact, your weight or activity levels are the two greatest reasons why you might suffer from high blood pressure. And by taking these ‘miracle’ medications, you are NOT dealing with the root of the problem but simply using synthetic chemicals that either cause your heart to pump slower or relax your arteries. Therefore, you will see significant drops when you test but who are you really kidding besides yourself? Something tells me that according to the statistics; the meds aren’t fooling our bodies

It is a well-known fact that heart diseases and excess body weight are related. Obesity, heavy alcohol consumption and lack of activity are the main factors causing high blood pressure. Too much body fat leads to an increased risk of health problems through clogging the blood vessels with cholesterol. That is why the successful treatment of high blood pressure starts with following a diet specifically aimed at reducing high blood pressure.

In as much as our body produces a lot of waste materials, some known excesses such as sodium and glucose tend to overwork the kidneys. High-fiber diets can help the digestive system by its inherent ability to bind other food, which then allows proper digestion to take place.

Diet For High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Relation Between Diet and Blood Pressure

If you have Bad eating habits then it contributes significantly to unhealthily high blood pressure levels, even in middle age, when blood pressure levels typically rise as part of the aging process. Whether or not you are taking antihypertensive drugs, the need to make dietary improvements (eg. follow a healthy low-fat diet) is frequently at the top of a doctor’s list of recommendations to reduce or prevent the onset of high blood pressure.

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