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  1. ConfusionnaJob says:

    ok i need help. starting yesterday i have started having the wierdest thing happen….i get hungry a LOT and i’ve been eating everything in sight..not really gaining any weight though. I am 5 foot 3 and 115 pounds. everytime i get hungry i get extremely dizzy . Even if I eat a large amount of food my stomach growls. I don’t know if it is low blood sugar….the thing is, this used to happen only when i had to go like a whole day w/o eating b/c i was so busy. never when i’d eaten within the past couple of hours. now it’s happening everytime i get hungry. for instance: this morning i got up and had a good sized bagel for breakfast. went to church and an hour later felt like i hadn’t eaten in days! i eat well, lots of veges and meats…very balanced diet. i eat tons of fruit! i drink lots of water, never soda. so i don’t know what’s happening. i don’t think it’s diabetes but then i have no clue b/c i’ve never looked into that possibility and don’t know much about it. some of the symptoms are the same i guess but not all. my family doesn’t have a history of diabetes and i’ve read that people with pcos can sometimes be susceptible too…so i don’t know. or i may just have really low blood sugar. can anyone relate? give me some advice/ info/ anything? i’m going to talk to my doctor sometime before college starts back up b/c once it does there’s no time!

  2. AvEryBadApPLe says:

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  4. AvEryBadApPLe says:

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  6. AvEryBadApPLe says:

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  7. cowinyourface says:

    Modern Medicine has failed, and people need to wake up to that fact. People don’t understand that Allopathic -MD- Doctors do not practice Nutrition, in fact they don’t learn it at Univeristy, some are lucky to even get Nutrition 101.

  8. josevanreyes says:

    Van Persie and other footballers are using placenta

  9. mattstef17 says:

    this is so true i already know 5 people you have gotten rid of their type 2 diabetes within like 25 days

  10. sonofdazhbog says:

    You know, there is Diabetis type I and II, right? Lets start with type I the body does not produce Insulin. Eating vegetables wont help. Before invention of Insulin diagnosis of Diabetes was a death sentence – the same as for Pernicious Anemia, Myasthenia Gravis, Hodgkin lymphoma…Shall I continue?
    “Modern Medicine has failed?”
    If you lived in medieval time youd likely be killed as a child by Smallpox or Diphtheria without Modern Medicine so please STFU.

  11. sonofdazhbog says:

    Now, Diabetes type II Every single doctor educates patients about nutrients or refers them to a nutritionist. However the majority of the patients are too self-indulgent to eat healthy and too lazy to exercise. They want an easy solution – “just give us a pill to fix the it!” The reason we have so many patients with diabetes in this country in the first place is because people eat like pigs and do nothing but sitting on their fat asseswatching TV – and then complaining about their doctors.

  12. We are missing all the trace elements from our mass produced foods. We are walking toxic bioaccumulating protoplasm. With at least 40 toxic compounds in almost ever human in America. All according to government below Mean Contamination level.MCL’s.But no research is being done on what trace amounts of toxins do cumulatively. Any what is done is done by industry with the results always drifting toward industry looking like heros not health polluters .

  13. callin2427 says:

    i want to do this programme. thanks for the video, i am only 24, 25 in a few months and i have to reverse this diabetes. thanks for sharing hope is in the bag, thank u. i dont want to die young and i want to feel healthy and be healthy

  14. Stonewalljackson7 says:

    type 1 is incurable. type 2 can be controlled NOT cured.

  15. Tihbialdunav says:

    Just don’t drink any soda and eat crappy sugary and greasy food. But American diet is all about sugar and fat…

  16. @Stonewall- type 2 can be cured- via nutrition. C’mon stonewall- open up and learn a little quit being so pessimistic.
    So sad for you!

  17. eating like a pig isn’t the problem- (pigs would naturally eat raw healthful stuff) It’s eating dead foods, cooked foods and non foods, like an ignorant american which is where the problem begins. Eat like a pig, but just eat the right stuff. Sprouting is awesom for the enzymes, Bitter melon, jerusalem artichoke, stevia (green herbal sweetner) and cabbage are all very very good natural foods for lowering the blood sugars.

  18. PatriciaErhat says:

    How i began to control my type 2 diabetes was, eating every two hour very small portions of mostly raw food as well as drinking 20 oz of water with every meal and snack and my last “big” meal at 6 pm. After that i would snack in low carb fruits and dried nuts. That has made a huge difference

  19. PatriciaErhat says:

    Hmmm, just think about this. Years ago, this cure for type 2 diabetes didn’t exist or it was not possible. Who says in the future there won’t be a solution for what you’re citing here? I don’t know what your experience has been with any of these illnesses, but it’s obvious it has touched you in a very personal way. Being angry about it, i think it does not help. Wish you the best.

  20. miguelaestrada says:

    Stop eating refined sugar, and avoid artificial sweeteners.
    Eat organic foods. Eat foods that contain cholesterol, it’s ok, you won’t get fat. Sugar causes obesity, not fat. Sugar raises cholesterol, not the cholesterol in foods. Read Sugar Busters, google it to find out where you can buy it.

  21. genkishooto says:

    Raw food is great, but be sure to add some animal products (organic, free range) – I have personally seen severe examples of B12 and Folate deficiency in persons on a completely raw diet. Hunter Gatherer diets are a bit less extreme with similar decrease in serum glucose – and without a decrease in lean muscle mass. Be careful not to become too dogmatic. By the way, David Wolfe (the Raw Foodist) is great in person – highly recommended. Take care and good luck.

  22. DeathShamans says:

    thank goddess the golden age of food is almost over with the oncoming depression

  23. Mystery666Hunter1 says:

    Are u saying those ppl are cure? like they can go back to eating normal non ”raw foods” without insulin..
    …the diabetes might come back.

  24. the junk food was the reason that caused them to be diabetic, mostly fried bad oils. especially fast food.

  25. codex alimentarus is going to make you die from malnutrition, the food u will eat will contain little of what your body needs. have fun w/ that thinking