1. soccermaster1 says:

    I thought that being a diabetic (whether type I or II) meant being hyperglycemic because of a lack or misuse of insulin. If he is already hyperglycemic wouldn’t eating a candy bar make things worse. Unless, there is such thing as being hypoglycemic with diabetes.

  2. csilva1112 says:

    Cant understand his accent,
    too bad this is a good topic.

  3. salvadordalifanatic says:

    Helpful video! Thanks.

  4. 2fresh4dell says:

    it is perfectly understandable!

  5. odnanref811 says:

    He is perfectly understandable…

  6. nystagmus says:

    i can understand him perfectly

  7. nystagmus says:

    how often do you check the BMPs?

  8. nystagmus says:

    very good.
    but i think also, Phosphate is an important factor in DKA
    which can be incorporated into K replacement. Usually 2/3 of your potassium replacement can be KCL
    the other 1/3 can be K-phosphate

  9. csilva1112 says:

    I am sure for indian people it is easier to understand the accent. Not fort americans, still good.

  10. joewheelermufc says:

    I have diabetes type one i do 4 injections a day and i have really bad muscle aches and pains i cant even lift a cup up because of this i need to go to the toilet alot and i dont really take injections for lunch do you have any tips for me to do so i can make this better thanks message me back as soon as possiable thanks

  11. thankk you. . .these videos are really great. . especially for those who are going to take their exams. . .

  12. phosphodiesterase says:

    Great videos. If the patient is acidotic and his pH is less than 7.1, using sodium bicarbonate would help, but aren’t you limited if his kidneys are damaged because then what do you about excreting the sodium with damaged kidneys? Thanks, once again for the well put together videos.

  13. bethseptapus says:

    You’re vidoes are all so fantastic!!

  14. wtfhummer says:

    0:29 dubalu dubalu dubalu

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