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  1. sweetnjaded says:

    thank you, very helpful!

  2. Reidangel says:

    I am in nursing school & this was very helpful. Thank you.

  3. Dayseelilyrose says:

    I just want to say that before I didn’t think that Diabetes was a big deal but after going into DKA about almost 2 years ago. For those of you that think like I used to by not taking your shots and eating a lot of crap. Having this happen to you is a very scary thing.

  4. thank you very much for the information.

  5. phluteloop says:

    Very helpful in my studies, thank you!

  6. i already knew all this seeing how iv been in DKA bout 5 times in 1 year

  7. you must be a real shitty doctor-don u have patients to see or medical journals you wanna read? or a life? you made so many damn videos and theyr all so useless-u talk so slow & wit a thick accent, people wud be much better off just getting a review book and reading up on this stuff.
    if u have to watch these vids to study for the usmle, then u must be reallli desperate for help, or too cheap to buy real review material, OR ur jus not ready to be a doctor.

  8. johne30587 says:


    Go to med school and make a video yourself.

    Until you do that, shut the fuck up.

  9. you are a stupid idiot. he is doing these videos to help people that need the breakdown of the disorders. sometimes the book does not explain the disorders clearly so we need more explanation. if you don’t agree with what he’s doing then why are you watching it?

  10. thanks that was very helpful 🙂

  11. inasalassar70 says:

    thank u ..a great help

  12. slikkback says:

    wow, this was a great video

  13. c21florida says:

    We just lost my only Baby Boy of 1 years of age from Diabetic Ketoacidosis. He had just celebrated his 1st B-Day and was playing just 3 days before he passed away. Please make sure you test your child every year for Diabetes.
    No one on both sides of family have any past history of Diabetes.I posted a video slide show on youtube.

  14. alsaedi28377 says:

    Nice job and clear explanation Mr.gupta

  15. BooksBySterling says:

    I’m truly very sorry for your Loss.

  16. c21florida says:

    Thank you and if you have not seen Rocco’s Video slide show please visit by clicking on my name for vids. Thanks

  17. Chrisbundy says:

    Wow thank you. I’m so glad I found this.