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  1. floydian8717 says:

    Somebody told me I might have diabetes because I am overly thirsty.
    Is that true?
    How do I tell if I have diabetes?
    There are different types right?
    What are they?

  2. I have type one diabetes. I wanted to know what the chances of my kids getting diabetes would be. I don’t have kids yet, but was wondering for when I do have kids. My boyfriend doesn’t have diabetes.

  3. brittasbay says:

    Hope everything ends up OK for your dad. I think it takes longer and there are more tests to diagnose type 2 than what was needed to diagnose you with type 1. They will probably have your dad do a glucose tolerance test and some bloodwork. So don’t worry too much if he doesn’t get an answer right away.

    Since I don’t have a minimed or omnipod, it wouldn’t be fair for me to weigh in. I am not sure which one I would get if I had to get a new pump.

  4. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Thanks. I hope Everything ends up ok too. Thanks for posting!

  5. whatever1210 says:

    you are so bright for a young girl. keep youtubing. 😀

  6. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Thanks! talk to u later.

  7. jjademarissaa says:

    hey! i am getting a minimed pump. i recommend visiting the websites for each pump [animas, minimed, and omnipod] there might be some others…and just see which one you like best!

    just curious…how does switching to Lantus make you more “free” rather than NPH? i still can’t exactly eat when i want, or have the ability to skip a meal.

  8. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Yeah, I will definetly visit those websites. My doc. said that she is either going to put me on the minimed or omnipod because those r the ones that she likes the most. I think that Lantus gives me waaaay more freedom then NPH because my meals are no longer restricted to a cirtain # of carbs, rather I can choose how much I want to eat. I also have more flexability of when I can eat. For example, when I was on NPH, I had to eat breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 11:30, and dinner at 7:00.I alsoHadSnacks

  9. jjademarissaa says:

    i see. that makes sense now, you are carb counting right?
    good luck with choosing the pump 🙂
    i hope i get to use mine soon its just sitting at home all taped up inside a box haha.

  10. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    Yeah, I am carb counting. I hop that u get to use urs soon too. You must be soooo exited just looling at the box!