Diabetes: Is You Cat Suffering From It?

It is important to consult your cat’s vet without delay, if you suspect that it may have diabetes. This is to ensure that your cat can receive the correct medical treatment needed. Any delay in treating diabetes would be more detrimental to your cat’s health. Just like in humans, blindness may set in if the diabetes is not treated.

There are two types of diabetes in cats, just like in humans. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the insufficient production of insulin in the cat’s body. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is when a cat develops intolerance for handling the insulin. In both cases, diabetes can develop in cats of any age, but it is more common for cats that are old, male, or obese.

When caring for your cat, you need to observe its health, mannerisms and activities closely. There are symptoms you can observe that point to your cat having diabetes. These symptoms include excessive thirst, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, loss of weight, breathing abnormalities, and unhealthy skin and coat. Your vet can then test your cat’s blood sugar levels and urine sugar levels. Both tests are needed, as temporary blood sugar levels may be high in cats that are stressed or nervous.

If your cat is diagnosed with diabetes, lifestyle changes are necessary to make sure that your cat’s health is restored as much as possible. Diet is very important for the control of blood sugar levels. Remember, your cat should only get enough food during a meal as is necessary. Cats typically need food the size of one large mouse to be content—more will cause weight problems. Not only is the amount of food important, but you should also be concerned with your cat’s types of foods. Your vet can recommend specific cat food brands that are high in fiber and protein in order to control the diabetes.

Insulin, oral mediations, and supplements may also be necessary. Again, your vet can tell you what is needed, as well as show you how to administer treatment to your cat daily. It is important for you to monitor your cat’s health to make sure that the diabetes is in control and that he or she is staying happy, healthy, and comfortable.

2 Responses to Diabetes: Is You Cat Suffering From It?

  1. Jason M says:

    I live by myself in an apartment and want to get a small monkey for a pet. I’m not sure as to what species but maybe someone could tell me about them. Where do I buy one and what are the laws about owning a monkey in the US?
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  2. Alun J says:

    Took him to the vet 2 days ago, he gave me High-Cal gel to stimulate his appetite. The vet said that he was in good health, just getting old, something I really didn’t want to hear. He eats only dry foods, I have tried several different brands, still no success. My cat doesn’t eat treats, never has. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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