What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a very common and well known disease now days. People have started taking it as serious as they take to Cancer, but the most important question to know is “What is Diabetes?”

Diabetes is known as problem of ‘high sugar’. Fasting blood glucose level of around 126mg% or more is called as diabetes.

What is Prediabetes?

When the fasting blood glucose level ranges between 101 and 125 mg%, it is known as Prediabetes. This stage is an important one which gives an opportunity to prevent full blown diabetes to occur.

What are the reasons behind Diabetes?

Much of our food which we eat is converted into glucose. To consume this glucose our body requires insulin. When lacking of insulin occurs, this glucose cannot be utilized properly by the body and diabetes occurs.

Why do symptoms occur in diabetes?

Diabetes symptoms occur because of storage of high blood sugar and less sugar utilization by the body parts.

Diabetes symptoms

Accumulation of high blood sugar causes excess of urination, excess in thirst, vision difficulty, increased infection chances. Inability of body to consume glucose causes excessive hunger, irritability, confusion, weakness, tiredness and weight loss that can be dangerous.

Why is it important to know about diabetes?

Diabetes can cause serious complications which can cause early death. Additionally it can also cause severe economical burden for the patient and the government. One of ten people gets diabetes.

Can diabetes be prevented and cured?

Our body generates insulin, lacking of insulin is the reason behind Diabetes. Diabetes can be prevented by providing some additional insulin to an individual by some external medium. In some cases diabetes can be prevented and in some it can be cured. That is for very small percentage of patients only. We should not be fooled by false claims of cure for diabetes.

What are the major complications of diabetes?

Complications of diabetes can be life threatening and include ketosis, low blood sugar, kidney failure, high blood sugar, heart attack, acidosis, stroke and sepsis. Other complications of diabetes can be debilitating and include foot amputation, blindness, impaired kidney function, impotence and nerve problems.

Can Diabetes complications be prevented?

Yes they can be. All the complications of diabetes can be prevented if the proper treatment and management for diabetes starts on a right time. Even if the proper treatment and management starts late further significant deterioration can be prevented.

Can a diabetic live a normal life?

Yes they can. With the help of advance therapy a diabetic can easily live a normal life as a non-diabetic person can. To live normal life, the patient should have full knowledge of diabetes, its prevention and complications. For the best outcomes diabetic person should also know where they stand in reference to the best available care for this disease in the world. Just consulting with a doctor and taking medicines is not enough for them.

Is urine glucose testing the right and best way to mange diabetes?

No. Daily blood sugar testing is the best way to manage diabetes. Urine shows glucose when it is over 180mg percent in the blood. Much harm can happen when blood sugar lies between 140 and 180 percent on long term basis. Also morning urine gives an average of all night’s urine. Blood sugar testing is therefore the best way to manage diabetes.

What is the most important number in diabetes?

Blood sugar testing gives blood level of sugar for that particular moment when the blood was taken for testing. A1C is another important test which gives an average of blood sugar readings over the past few months. A1C is even more important than a single blood sugar reading as it is to correlated with complications of diabetes in a patient.


  1. Big Banger says:

    Hello. I am 30 years old and have always been prone to getting yeast infections. But in the last year I have noticed they are more frequent and difficult to treat. I am getting them every 2-3 months and the over the counter treatments are not effective anymore. My old doctor just reminded me about wearing cotton panties, eat yogurt, don’t wear tight clothes, etc. I am careful of all of these things and I still get a yeast infection like clockwork. I am going to a new Doctor now, and she ordered a blood panel for me, to check for diabetes! I was totally shocked when she even mentioned it, and I just thought that she is ruling things out. But now that I am waiting for my results, I can’t help but wonder and do some research and I am alarmed by how many symptoms of diabetes I relate to. I went to RealAge.com and compared myself to their list of 10 symptoms of diabetes:

    1) Feeling overall fine. Which I do. I feel healthy but I do get tired a lot, and one thing with me is I get SUPER cranky when I get really hungry.
    2)Thirst and frequent urination. This absolutely applies to me. I drink a lot of water during the day as it is, but I also take medications at night so I get up at least 3-5 times every night to urinate.

    3)You’re tired all the time. This is absolutely true. I am constantly feeling tired and fatigued. I have always blamed this a lot on the medications that I take for my epilepsy which is controlled.

    4)Frequent Yeast Infections. Well, this is why the diabetes tests are being done, I never would have even thought of it! But yes, I get one every 2 months or so. I don’t take baths, I don’t like hot tubs….I am clean and take care of myself. And the over the counter formulas don’t work for me anymore.

    5)Cuts and bruises heal slowly. I am not sure about that… I really don’t think that that’s an issue for me but I have never thought about it.

    6) Frequent Cold and Flu. This is true for me. Last year I got the flu BAD 4 times!! and then I got a couple of nasty colds too. This spring I got the flu… and I have had good luck this fall. I always joke that I get sick just looking at sick people. I have always been very susceptible to getting sick for some reason.

    7)Your vision is blurred. I have noticed this a lot especially lately. I keep telling myself that I need to get my eyes checked but I actually think I have really good vision. My eyes get blurry at night, especially when I am tired. I go to school at night so I notice it there a lot.

    8)Unexplained weight loss. I wish!!! I keep trying to loose a few pounds and it keeps coming back. The medications I take for my epilepsy is commonly used for weight loss, and I have gained since I started taking it. So go figure…

    9You’re always hungry. Yes, this is true. I am a total grazer.

    10)Numbness, tingling or pain in your feet and hands. This is something that I have not noticed an issue with.

    I have no genetic history of diabetes in my family…. so can someone please tell me…. do you think my doctor is just ruling it out? Or is this possible???

    Thank you so much for your time and for reading.

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