Death to Diabetes (Reverse/Cure T2 Diabete) 4.1.-4.2 Lecture

5 Responses to Death to Diabetes (Reverse/Cure T2 Diabete) 4.1.-4.2 Lecture

  1. joevsyou says:

    If (-4)+(-2) = (-6), then why is (-4) x (-2) = (+8)?
    Why can’t (-4) x (-2) = (-8)???

    Why can’t the same rules apply for addition and multiplication of two negative integers?

  2. Giddyuplike says:

    I cant believe these videos dont have thousands of views! They are brilliant. I dont even have diabetes & this Information is Inspiring & helpful.

  3. LexusFordsSA says:

    I have the diabete and I hope that one day someone will find a cure.

  4. spirit7000 says:


    There is a cure go to this mans web site

  5. macmen85 says:

    Amazing videos. Diabetics have been brain-washed to live with this disease and remain dependant on pharmaceutical drugs…but their doctors could just tell them to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of clean water and exercise.

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