1. shit ;(
    thanks alot now i know :/
    so bananas too? :S

  2. MopDMTBARTL says:

    well, i am right now! i’m scarred of them due to spiking my insulin since i’m at a stage where i’m trying to lose fat around my abs and not lose muscle tissue at the same time. once i lose the fat I want to lose, then i’ll start eating bananas again. Bananas are great, just not when you are trying to lose fat!

  3. lusciousphilippa says:

    I’m at 8 mins and already think this clip is brilliant! So informative! Thank you!

  4. lusciousphilippa says:

    Refined sugar is not Bananas…it’s a natural sugar aka fructose.

  5. lusciousphilippa says:

    Don’t be silly. God made them since they are good for us. It’s REFINED SUGARS which take out the nutrition which are not good for you.

  6. lusciousphilippa says:

    Is psyche truth a cult? The last few seconds came across that way..

  7. o.o ?! who said bananas = refined sugar

  8. lusciousphilippa says:

    Dude, you said, Oooh so no bananas too? And this clip is about refined sugars it’s effect on the book. Just clarifying what you may NOT have known.

  9. Actually most soft drinks use corn syrup these days but is not an better because its just another simple sugar cracked from corn wet mills.

  10. this woman talks soooooooooooo slowly it is weird.

  11. vanillacrab says:

    Any organization or group which claims to possess “the Truth” of any sort is suspect. However, the information given here is gold, especially if you’re an American.

  12. OldEphram1 says:

    This woman is so hard to listen too I just couldn’t finish the video. Too bad but she’s just too poor a speaker. Ahhhh, uummmmm, aaaahhhhhh, sorry.

  13. The industry has been poisoning america for years by telling us it safe to consume. Causing disease and telling us it’s our fault. Natural food cost more than processed so they keep you strung out like a drug dealer and addict.

  14. umm i would say the government have pushed sugar to weakn ppl ,. nvr fear they got btr vaccinations to cull ppl wit now, certainly dun think obama will care, he to busy setn up his lil army n FEMA camps…
    really appreciate sugar info~ ty

  15. zevon1964 says:

    She doesn’t know the chemistry, sucrose isn’t the same as a carbon atom.

  16. dream2last says:

    very good informations!

  17. greatbydesign33 says:

    Peter … Begging the Obama administration or any other administration to save us from these corporations is NO solution AT ALL. The corporations OWN the White House, the Lower House and the Upper House. Like Radhia said, the solution lies in the hands of the PEOPLE.

  18. streetfightermatt says:

    your grammar sucks

  19. lol,. my grandma got nothin to do wit u ,. streetpussy.. got eat some sugar & take a vaccination., dun forget drink some flouride water & breath in some chemtrails while ur at it.

  20. streetfightermatt says:

    LMAO… I said Grammar, as in spelling, not Grammar… I actually avoid sugar, and drink filtered water at home… probably more healthy then you

  21. Your punctuation sucks.

  22. streetfightermatt says:


    You just suck

  23. knotekbrennacong says:

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  24. Interesting video and I appreciate the sentiment, but if you want any credibility you have to start citing sources and studies for the facts that you claim.

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