1. Thanks for sharing this with us Dr. Rowen. Please keep up the good work and report back..Have you tried the H2O2 Therapy? the Madison Cavanaugh book The One Minute Cure is a MUST READ..and MUST DO. I was wondering if you could share your results with us or any of your patients results with us..the stuff works like magic.

  2. Fuck me! I’m cured Dr. Rowen. Now, Why don’t you try sticking your head up your ass. I think it will fit.

  3. danmarino1970 says:

    cancertutor . com

    check it out.

    BTW Thanks Doc!

  4. picuda1969 says:

    My Brother has MS!! I’m desperately looking for a cure, which
    I know there is a cure. I looking for someone who could guide us to his health. Please

  5. ruthie27035 says:

    You can check Dr.Garry Gordon website,
    he talks about a men sick for 20 years with MS who is know completly well!!
    I also heard cases cured with CS, I’m sure you will find a cure.Good luck!

  6. Google Dr. Paolo Zamboni from Italy. He has found that MS is related to blocked blood arteries in the neck or chest, and it’s not allowing blood to drain fast enough from the brain. The arteries need to be opened to allow the blood to flow freely. Check this out and talk to your brothers Dr. about it. Dr. Zamboni has overseen hundreds of these operations over the last three years with amazing results.

  7. annie46664 says:

    Don’t miss the FREE BOOK available on the Net.
    Google: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    foodgrade-hydrogenperoxide . com /sitebuildercontent/sitebuilde rfiles/TheTruthAboutFGHP . pdf (no gaps)
    Author James Paul Roguski very kindly chose not to have any copyright & wants to share this knowledge with the enitre world.
    No Copyright 2009 James Paul Roguski
    No rights reserved.
    Download & share far & wide today!
    Also read loads of useful info at:
    cancertutor . com
    Love & LIGHT,
    ~South Africa~

  8. jezzyby47 says:

    All of this info was in last weeks Dr Mercola email. Just sign up to Dr Mercola’s website and you will receive info like this a few times a week. Just delete what you don’t want to know about.

  9. annie46664 says:

    jezzyby~ Dr. Mercola’s Newsletters are indeed excellent & most informative , especially regarding Alternative & Complementary Medicine, but I very much doubt whether, given his current location of practice, he’s able to offer all the modalities which he so widely endorses.
    Many folk simply want to know WHO & WHERE they can actually go for treatment, & often, IMMEDIATE treatment, without having to attempt to first consult Dr. Mercola. This way ~ they can go to dr. Rowen in Anchorage direct! 🙂

  10. EssiacHempLaetrile says:


    “More recently, scientists reported that cannabidiol, one of the chemicals found in marijuana, slows growth of breast cancer cells growing in laboratory dishes. However, this substance has not been tested in humans or even in animals that have cancer yet. Cannabidiol levels in marijuana are low, so any benefit from this compound would require use of a purified and concentrated form.”

  11. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    Proven in laboratory dishes but not willing to test on humans or animals!
    A purified and concentrated form is RICK SIMPSON’S CANCER CURE HEMP OIL!!

  12. Your a blessing to us all! I’d say God Bless You, BUT he already is doing that, so let me just say a Huge THANK YOU!!! Thanks for speaking up, I know all you say is true do to my own experiences and studies… 🙂

  13. thepowerofozone says:

    @picuda1969 please if you’re still looking for help for your brother, contact me.

  14. carriernoob says:

    i was looking for an alternative treatment for asthma and found that people in parts of the usa are using cannabis but that wasnt an option where i live. after watching a video on cannabis i found that the cannabis plant originated from the hop plant. so i thought that it might not be the thc in cannabis that stops the onset of asthma and the relaxant might also be in hops and i was correct. my wife now treats her asthma with hops. she was taking 1 a night and shes now down to every second night

  15. tvn408TonyNguyen says:

    if someone has chronic lungs disease, how could it spread to another person ???

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