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  1. borabora5524 says:

    Obviously, I’d need crab and mayonnaise, but how much of each? And how would I combine them so they look like the stuff at restaurants? Will I need a food processor?


  2. Roar me R says:

    My hermit crab is a land hermit crab, and he lives in a small cage with gravel. I have a bigger shell for him too. I have no idea how to take care of him when he’s molting, so what do I need to do? Do I need to buy him anything?

  3. I have crab grass and other nasty weeds growing throughout my lawn and in my flower beds, is there anything I can use to treat both the weeds and crab grass that wont harm the lawn or flowers?

    Is there something specific to use in flower beds?

  4. Youxsuckxass says:

    i love making that dish! tastes awsome every time! so simple

  5. moonblink says:

    my son and i make this all the time. usually the skin is the worst part, but with the crispy technique, it’s delicious and beautiful.

  6. BermudaEntrepreneur says:

    Looks pretty good! He didn’t use the “F” though. It should be called Cripsy Salmon Crushed Potatoes with Fresh Fucking Crab Meat!!!!!

  7. modmousezero7 says:

    now im reasonably well read and all that and i’ve never heard of this usage. cloying, yes. (adj.) meaning too sweet, rich, etc.

  8. Goodness, that dish looks incredibly delicious!

  9. Great recipe!! From which of his shows is this one taken from? I don’t think it’s the F word…

  10. Ramsay Rules! he should toss in a F-Bomb in every clip, just a random one so you never know when its gonna happen. Like a Stephen King movie hes in it somewere but when will u see it

  11. chopperpilot80 says:

    This is a video from the UK Times. Ramsay has contributed to a couple of videos to promote his unofficial “Nation Cooking Again” campaign to encourage Britons to cook. I don’t like his management style, but the man is indeed brilliant.

  12. Impressive knowledge! Thanks a lot! =) I think these are his greatest cooking shows in which he explains everything he does, but yet he’s very fast. I’d love if he’d make his risotto in this sort of video style:D Thanks again:)

  13. I made this at home, it was pretty darn good, the tomatoes though seem like a strange addition in the taste

  14. made it and it was delicious

  15. Very refreshing to see Ramsey describe a recipe without dropping a single f-bomb. But then again – he usually drops them when he’s extremely frustrated.

  16. man.. please come down

  17. Caleyfan86 says:

    goodness that fish looked incredibly overcooked!

  18. SourcesAreEverything says:

    This tasted AMAZING. Particularly the potatoes.


    Caleyfan86,that’s the crust u of the tricks 2 a awesome salmon is to get a crispy skin..but i bet it’s really moist insight cause he cooked it only for like 7 shuld work it’s chef ramsey man..

  20. omg…i’m so hungry right now~

  21. moonblink says:

    i love cooking salmon this way. so delicious. i’ve always hated the skin on salmon, but now i love it.

  22. what is he putting in the crushed patatoes at 1.40 with the plastic bottle ?

  23. quietman18 says:

    Vinaigrette made with olive oil,water,lemon juice,salt and peppper.

  24. i had the best christmas eve ever! my gal was impressed with me cooking this for her. still turned out perfectly well without crab meat.

  25. goldengirl67 says:

    …but I LIKE furry potatoes Gordon! 🙂

  26. look at the title what does it say

  27. Blenkinsop999 says:

    An orgasm on a plate!