1. Nice post. Its realy good. More information help me.

  2. dinamore2005 says:


  3. rebellionhunter says:

    My dad had this happen to him last Tuesday.

  4. wellwellwellhello says:

    what are the statistics for people who have had heart attacks and survived using this procedure?

  5. Ratarootus says:

    Wellwell, I had mine 8/28/08. At that time I stopped smoking and changed my diet. I take my prescriptions religiously. I had a stress test in November, and my blockage has not any worse in a year and a half. So far… good.

  6. wellwellwellhello says:

    @Ratarootus Thanks for the info. Had a family member go through this procedure today. Best of luck for the future.

  7. can you tell me what side effects?

  8. maneeshorama says:

    informative video..

  9. cphatch1611 says:

    Side effects include severe leg cramps (mostly at night) and after about 6 months I started noticing short term memory loss. Both of which are indicated on the web site for statin drugs.

  10. SYLVIA7676 says:

    I had this procedure done in the year 2000
    nearly ten years ago with no complications or side effects at all.

  11. dresden67 says:

    Former President Bill Clinton had this done today 2:29 He sure loved his McDonald’s , hmmmmm burgers..
    good luck to you president hope everything works out fine for you.

  12. My dad is undergoing this procedure tomorrow….bit nervous for him….hope everything works out…Thanks for posting this clear educational video.

  13. same exact situation here! good luck to you and your fam

  14. juancsan20101 says:

    excelente explicación, a mi papá le van a ejecutar esta operación y al ver uno como es ya sabemos y estamos al tanto de que va a pasar en la misma, estamos seguros que todo va a salir bien y con exito. te lo dejamos a ti dios

  15. @klook94 Thanks for your kind words…my dad is perfect now….Had 99% blockage…yikes..he feels like hes in his 30s now and hes 54….hope your dad is ok too!

  16. rcollins305 says:

    How did your dad’s surgery go?

  17. rcollins305 says:

    Should have read this post first – congratulations to your dad and family!

  18. 007auntbek says:

    this makes me wonder how often they move or if they can move , I have two of them and was doing fine until I watched this. now IM wondering if they can tear my artery

  19. Spectatio says:

    no the walls of the artery incorporate the stent into itself. it won’t move….it makes the artery stronger……you’re good to go.

    not to worry

  20. stormygail07 says:

    No Eric, he has 3 stents if you read my comment, I consider he has been given 5 chances to life!
    We live a very healthy life thankyou, this was a disease passed down the family, he lost his Dad at 50 and his Grandfather even younger.
    I think the reason he is so fit is because of our healthy lifestyle!!
    Diabetes???? Where you got that from????
    Eric READ the comments before commenting :O)

  21. stormygail07 says:

    That’s a risk I’m afraid. I hope you’re all coping. x

  22. stormygail07 says:

    Eric, stop being a plonker! Do you really think heart disease is just caused through fatty food? A lot is caused by inheriting it.
    We can blame it on smoking and drinking………..but each person is different!

  23. If you are looking at having multiple stents research EECP therapy, its non-invasive with incredible results. Many doctors are reluctant to trust/try anything “non-invasive” and so don’t tell patients about this new option which is FDA approved and many insurance providers cover it. Good luck to everyone going through this, pass on the info to people you know.

  24. appsuperhog says:

    Great video, now I know how this procedures looks. I received two stents
    this year, thanks…………

  25. appsuperhog says:

    Great video, now I know how this procedures looks. I received 2 stents
    this year…thanks…

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