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  1. VUandChips says:

    I cannot get enough of this guy. He cuts through all the crap and says it as it is.

  2. jadegreenall says:

    I have just found Dr Fuhrman and thank goodness I have! I have got some of his cholesterol reducing bean burgers in the oven right now….lets hope they taste good! :0)

  3. jadegreenall says:

    Update: They are LOVELY!! I’m having them with some tinned plum tomatoes…..mmmmm

  4. MccainsaLIBERAL says:

    PROTEIN MYTH, the video by Vegan Athlete Tim Van orden

    check that out ! fascinating info

  5. As Dr. Lodi says, “tap a gorilla or horse on the shoulder and ask where it gets its protein” 🙂

    Tim is great as well!

  6. alexjiayou says:

    Too much Carrot juice can kill, However having said that, I made a soup from the juice of 3 tomatoes today, but I think eating 3 tomatoes is ok, perhaps too much caroteen can really give us poisoning

  7. plumevine says:

    Home made veggie soups are really ace. Mum fed me those as baby food and they became my comfort food.

  8. IcuonlineWebtv says:

    Excellent, best I have heard in a long time. I even learned a new word today “reconthink” 02:37 :)) reconsider + rethink = reconthink, I like…

  9. meteachu01 says:

    I have Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book (read it twice) and Eat for Health (2 set) books and they are wonderful.

    He is the reason that I am a vegetarian today. I learned so much from him and he makes things so very clear.

    Thanks Dr. Fuhrman, I feel better than I have ever felt at the age of 48yrs old.

  10. petragomes0608 says:

    Very nice health diet information tips by Dr. Fuhrman follow his instructions to be healthy in life.thanks for sharing this video.