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  1. silentwriter30 says:

    I had gastric bypass on 9/29/06. I cannot absorb anything I put into my mouth & are way too thin. All tests come back negative. I am Bi-Polar & see a psychiatrist & a therapist. When I try to eat, the food comes back up & I want to vomit. I have insomnia & see everyone as huge wherever I go. I don’t know what to do. I had the RNY & I am 58 years old! Help

  2. sharonmarquis says:

    hello i am sharon 43 yrs old i had the roux-en-y gastric bypass. in 2003 and i am gaining weight back and i hurt so badly in my stomach and i can see it blow up and the pain is so bad. what is happening to me i am scare i am going to die cause i eat to much now. can i die from eating to much? and why do i hurt so much, i never dump.

  3. pastorterri says:

    I had the roux-en-y done July 31, 2006. I cannot stop the weight loss. I am currently down to 96 pounds. Does anyone have any information on how to treat this complication of the surgery?

  4. gawdess559 says:

    Those studies are for people that havent had the proper pre-operative and post-operative instructions. If you follow everything correctly to the “T” then you should be fine. Keep up with doctors appointments. its considered the Gold Standard for a reason, but it all depends on the patients. The RNY is safe and effective. The doctors tell the truth as opposed to selling the patients dreams.

  5. docpinchem66 says:

    I started 500 pounds and 5yrs later I’m at 210 and still losing.The Dr’s say i should have skin remove. But will loose another 50 to 70 pounds.I’m 6’3″. I think if i do that i will look like death warmed over and look close to that now. Had lots of complications the first two years. Don’t really have any now.Have the same stuff going on as you guys.Can’t stop losing weight,Can’t absorb anything.I give myself a B-12 shot every week and that helps with my thinking alittle. And helps my energy.