Now-a-days Alternative Medicines or Complementary Medicines and gaining popularity, because of its curing power with out any side effects.

Diabetes details: Diabetes means your blood glucose is too high. Diabetes is the inability of the body to ‘produce insulin – type 1 diabetes’ or ‘proper use of insulin – type 2 diabetes.

Allopathic medicine Diabetes: In allopathic treatment, they consider and treat everyone in a similar manner and drugs are used for treatments. These drugs are used to stop or block one particular function of an organ. It is not trying to correct the root cause and only gives temporary relief. Also they use only one force (compared to war utilizes land force only) that is the medication for diabetes.

Alternative medicines Diabetes: treatments they consider human as a whole and each human is treated differently for the same disease. They are not only considering the disease alone, but also its causes – physical and mental (psychological) reasons.

Homeopathic remedies diabetes:

For example homeopathic remedy is concern they find the correct remedy by looking for symptoms of:

Main complication Physical symptoms Mental/emotional/psychological symptoms Modalities (when the disease is better and when it is worst) Causation (reason behind the disease – root cause)

Homeopathic remedies for diabetes, different peoples are treated with a different medicine with respect to their individual physical, mental, modalities and causation.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies for diabetes:

It is also called as herbal medicines, herbal therapy, herbal treatment, herbalism and botanical medicines.

The herbal medication is prepared from plants, use medicinal herbs to prevent and treat diseases and ailments or to promote health and healing. Either the dried plant as a whole or a specific part of it (root, leaves, fruit, flowers or seeds) is formulated into suitable preparation. Ayurvedic natural remedies are not only control blood sugar, but at the same time it will take care of kidney, liver, eye and hearts. These are the organs that may be affected by long term of diabetes. Also the carbohydrate metabolism is by liver, kidney, pancreas and small intestine. Thus the herbal medicines correct these organs for proper utilization and elimination of the glucose. That is, it corrects the root cause.

Yoga poses diabetes:

Yoga refers to be the traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. It has the ability to balance body, mind & spirit. This discipline has curative power for many chronic diseases that include diabetes, by activating glandular systems responsible for the illness. In the case of diabetes, yoga poses give mild and gentle massages to the internal organs such as pancreas, liver, intestine, etc. These organs are responsible for the diabetes cause.

Acupressure for diabetes:

Accupressure is also called as acupressure or healing touch. TCM relies on a number of basic principles which have been refined over thousands of years of medical practice. One of the major principles of this medical tradition is the idea that health is governed by the flow of life force, or qi, through the body. Interruptions in this flow can lead to medical complaints, as the body’s balance of energy is disrupted. TCM practitioners also believe that disruptions in the flow of qi affect specific organs, and that all symptoms can be linked with a particular organ.

In the case of diabetes many patients have found that has either cured or decreased the severity of their diabetes.

Reflexology for diabetes:

Reflexology massage or zone therapy is particularly a healing art by applying pressure (using the hand, fingers and especially the thumbs). This massage is specifically done to feet, hands and some times even to the ears. It activates the acupoints which are interrelated to the organs in the body.

That is why reflexology massage is showing positive impact on promoting self-healing capabilities on diabetes.

Complementary Medicine:

All the above alternative medicine treatments are also called as complementary medicine. The name “complementary medicine” developed as the two or more systems began to be used alongside (to “complement”) each other.

So if we use all the above said alternative medicines together (used all the medicines at the same time) there is a amazing result because one complements the other;

Homeopathy treats disease by physical, mental, modalities and causation symptoms – human as a whole. Herbal remedies correct the disease by correcting the organ responsible for the disease – this system corrects the function of the organ responsible. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that gives massage to the internal organ and calms the mind for proper function of the organ. Acupressure is a healing touch which clears the blockage of qi (vital energy) and thus function of the particular organ is normalized. Reflexology is an art of massaging the nerve points connecting with the organ responsible for the disease. If the nerves are stimulated the organ start function normally.

If you use all the above said complementary medicines each works differently, then the chance of cure for the disease is very high.

For example purpose we used to define alternative medicine diabetes, it is not only for diabetes but also for cholesterol, high and low blood pressure, eye problems, etc. I named a few the list is endless.

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